About Me

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I fell in love with street art during my teenage years while roaming the colorful streets of New York City. It was here that I discovered the allure of murals and the stories they silently narrated through vibrant strokes and thought-provoking designs.

My fascination with street art burgeoned into a full-fledged passion for collecting these urban masterpieces. Over the years, I meticulously sought out and acquired murals from various cities across the globe, each piece holding a special place in my heart and collection.

My commitment to promoting street art led me to participate in interviews discussing the evolution and significance of this genre. I’ve had the privilege of sharing my insights on televised talk shows, shedding light on the beauty and cultural importance of street art. These opportunities allowed me to advocate for the recognition of these ephemeral yet impactful forms of expression.

Driven by my passion, I penned articles and even authored a book dedicated to the exploration of street art. The book delved into the history, evolution, and social relevance of murals, aiming to bring awareness to the artistic brilliance found in unexpected corners of our cities.

Through my continuous involvement in the street art community, I’ve strived to bridge the gap between the mainstream art world and the often-underappreciated beauty of street murals. My journey as a collector and advocate for street art remains an ongoing endeavor, fueled by my unwavering passion for this captivating and transformative art form.