Doin It Cool For The Eastside***: Jim Avignon’s Iconic Street Art Endeavor

doin it cool for the eastside jim avignon und freunde

A Journey Through Time: 1990

In the vibrant city of Berlin, a seminal street art piece titled “Doin It Cool For The Eastside***” emerged in the year 1990. The creative force behind this iconic artwork is the talented Jim Avignon, along with contributions from his friends.

The East Side Gallery: A Canvas of History

Situated on M├╝hlenstrasse, the East Side Gallery in Berlin stands as a testament to the intersection of art and history. It is here that “Doin It Cool For The Eastside***” found its home, a sprawling mural measuring an impressive 20.40 meters by 3.60 meters.

The Genesis: 1990-2000

The initial creation, born in 1990, encapsulated a moment in time, serving as a visual representation of the era. The image, initially crafted between 1990 and 2000, underwent its first replication, and in 2009, it was meticulously restored to its original condition.

A Transformative Act: 2013

In a bold and transformative act in 2013, Jim Avignon, accompanied by friends, embarked on a public action that would alter the course of the artwork. The original image was painted over, replaced by a new version that breathed fresh life into the East Side Gallery.

Jim Avignon und Freunde: Collaborative Brilliance

The collaborative brilliance of Jim Avignon und Freunde (Jim Avignon and Friends) brought a dynamic energy to “Doin It Cool For The Eastside***.” This collective effort infused the artwork with diverse perspectives and artistic voices, creating a piece that resonates with the spirit of collaboration.

Dimensions Beyond Physicality

Beyond its impressive physical dimensions, “Doin It Cool For The Eastside***” represents a dimension of cultural and historical significance. It is a visual narrative that speaks to the evolution of Berlin, mirroring the city’s journey through the tumultuous times of the 1990s and beyond.

Legacy in Restoration

The act of restoring the mural in 2009 and the subsequent transformation in 2013 highlight the ever-evolving nature of street art. “Doin It Cool For The Eastside***” not only lives on as a tangible artwork but also as a dynamic and evolving piece of cultural heritage, adding layers of meaning with each restoration and transformation.

Conclusion of a Street Art Saga

As “Doin It Cool For The Eastside***” continues to adorn the East Side Gallery, it stands as more than just a mural; it is a living testament to the dynamism of street art and the ability of artists like Jim Avignon to shape and reshape the visual landscape, leaving an indelible mark on the canvas of history.

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