José Parlá and JR: Collaborative Street Art in Chelsea

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Unveiling “José Parlá and JR, Chelsea”: A Fusion of American and French Creativity

The collaborative masterpiece “José Parlá and JR, Chelsea” stands as a testament to the fusion of American and French creativity. Crafted by artists José Parlá and JR in 2013, this street art gem enriches the urban landscape at 500 W 24th St, New York, becoming a part of The Street Museum of Art.

The Creative Minds: José Parlá and JR

The creators behind this iconic piece, José Parlá and JR, bring their distinct artistic visions to the collaboration. While details about their lifespans remain unknown, both artists have made significant contributions to the global street art scene. José Parlá is American, and JR hails from France, adding an international flair to their joint endeavor.

Date of Creation: 2013

In the vibrant art scene of 2013, José Parlá and JR joined forces to bring their collaborative vision to life. The creation of “José Parlá and JR, Chelsea” marked a moment of artistic synergy, capturing the essence of the cultural landscape of the time.

Location: 500 W 24th St, New York

Situated at 500 W 24th St in New York, this collaborative artwork became an integral part of the urban fabric of Chelsea. The location adds contextual significance, with the piece interacting dynamically with the surrounding environment.

Provenance: A Legacy of José Parlá and JR

The legacy of “José Parlá and JR, Chelsea” is intertwined with the artistic journeys of José Parlá and JR. The provenance of this piece serves as a testament to their collaborative spirit, leaving an indelible mark on the streets of New York.

Artistic Medium: Wheat Paste and Painting

The creative process involved the use of wheat paste and painting techniques, showcasing the versatility of José Parlá and JR’s skills. The combination of these mediums adds depth and texture to the artwork, inviting viewers to engage with its visual and tactile elements.

Rights and Recognition: José Parlá & JR

The rights to “José Parlá and JR, Chelsea” are rightfully attributed to the creators, José Parlá and JR. Their collaborative efforts have not only garnered recognition but also contributed to the dynamic dialogue within the street art community.

The Street Museum of Art: External Link

For those seeking a deeper connection with “José Parlá and JR, Chelsea,” an external link to The Street Museum of Art provides an avenue for exploration. This virtual connection enhances the accessibility of the artwork, extending its impact beyond the physical location.


“José Parlá and JR, Chelsea” is more than street art; it is a collaborative expression that transcends borders and artistic conventions. José Parlá’s American roots and JR’s French influence converge on the walls of New York, creating a visual dialogue that resonates with the spirit of The Street Museum of Art. This collaborative masterpiece invites viewers to witness the harmonious blend of two artistic voices, echoing through the streets of Chelsea and beyond.

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