Kobra’s “Chelsea”: A Brazilian Street Art Odyssey

kobra chelsea kobra


Title: Kobra, Chelsea
Creator: Kobra
Creator Lifespan: Unknown
Creator Nationality: Brazilian
Date: 2013
Location Created: 500 W 25th St, New York, United States
Provenance: Kobra
Type: Spray Painting
Rights: Kobra
External Link: The Street Museum of Art

Kobra: The Enigmatic Brazilian Street Artist

Artist’s Identity

Kobra, an enigmatic figure in the world of street art, hails from Brazil. Despite the artist’s lifespan remaining unknown, Kobra has carved a distinct niche with a unique artistic style that transcends cultural and geographical boundaries.

“Chelsea”: A Mural Symphony in New York

Date and Location

In 2013, Kobra unveiled the captivating mural titled “Chelsea” at 500 W 25th St, New York, United States. This mural stands as a testament to Kobra’s ability to use urban spaces as canvases for vibrant and thought-provoking artistic expression.

Provenance and Artistic Autonomy

The mural’s provenance lies with Kobra, reflecting the artist’s commitment to maintaining creative autonomy. By retaining ownership, Kobra asserts a level of control over the narrative and interpretation of “Chelsea,” adding a layer of artistic independence to the work.

Spray Painting as a Medium

Type: Spray Painting

Kobra’s chosen medium for “Chelsea” is spray painting, a technique that allows for fluidity and precision in translating the artist’s vision onto the chosen canvas. The use of spray paint infuses energy and dynamism into the mural, contributing to its visual impact.

Rights and Ownership

Rights: Kobra

The rights to “Chelsea” are exclusively held by Kobra, reinforcing the artist’s authority over the mural’s dissemination and reproduction. This approach aligns with the contemporary ethos of street art, where artists often play a direct role in controlling the fate of their creations.

The Street Museum of Art: A Digital Portal

External Link: The Street Museum of Art

“Chelsea” finds a digital home within The Street Museum of Art, serving as an online portal for enthusiasts to explore Kobra’s contribution to the rich tapestry of New York’s street art scene. This digital extension allows for a global audience to engage with the mural, transcending physical boundaries.


“Chelsea” by Kobra encapsulates the spirit of Brazilian street art within the vibrant urban landscape of New York. As spray-painted strokes converge to create a visual symphony at 500 W 25th St, Kobra’s enigmatic identity adds an air of mystery to the mural. The Street Museum of Art, serving as a virtual gateway, ensures that “Chelsea” becomes a timeless testament to the dynamism and global resonance of contemporary street art.

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