Scratchpaper Black&Basque 1: 9eme Concept’s Artistic Fusion

Scratchpaper Black&Basque 1: 9eme Concept’s Artistic Fusion
Scratchpaper Black&Basque 1: 9eme Concept’s Artistic Fusion

Title: Scratchpaper Black&Basque 1

Creator Lifespan: 1971

Creator Nationality: French

Creator Gender: Male

Date: 2011/2013

Location Created: Bayonne, France

Peintre: 9eme Concept

Collage: Collage

Provenance: 9eme Concept

Type: Fresque

9eme Concept: Melding Creativity with Cultural Expression

In the dynamic realm of street art, 9eme Concept, a French artist with a birth year marked in 1971, stands as a prominent figure, weaving narratives that transcend traditional boundaries. This article explores the masterpiece titled “Scratchpaper Black&Basque 1,” created between 2011 and 2013 in Bayonne, France.

An Artistic Journey: 9eme Concept’s Lifespan

Born in 1971, the enigmatic French artist behind 9eme Concept has cultivated a rich artistic journey. This lifespan, though elusive in its details, mirrors the evolution of street art over the decades, from its rebellious roots to a globally recognized form of expression.

National Pride: 9eme Concept’s French Heritage

The nationality of 9eme Concept is deeply rooted in French soil, and this cultural connection often finds its way into the artist’s work. The fusion of artistic expression with national identity creates a dynamic interplay that resonates throughout the streets of France.

Bayonne’s Canvas: Scratchpaper Black&Basque 1

In the years spanning 2011 to 2013, Bayonne, France, became the canvas for 9eme Concept’s creativity. The artwork titled “Scratchpaper Black&Basque 1” is a testament to the artist’s ability to merge diverse elements, capturing the essence of the Black and Basque festival that took place in Bayonne during this period.

9eme Concept’s Unique Medium: Fresque as an Art Form

Fresque, a term synonymous with mural painting, becomes the medium through which 9eme Concept breathes life into “Scratchpaper Black&Basque 1.” This traditional yet dynamic form of expression allows the artist to engage with the public, turning the cityscape into an open-air gallery.

Collage Aesthetics: Layering Narratives

Within the fresque, the inclusion of collage elements adds depth to the narrative. 9eme Concept employs a multi-layered approach, inviting viewers to peel back the visual strata and uncover the nuanced stories embedded within the artwork.

Provenance: A Stamp of Authenticity

The authenticity of “Scratchpaper Black&Basque 1” is rooted in the provenance provided by 9eme Concept. This stamp of origin not only ensures the artwork’s legitimacy but also connects it to the broader body of the artist’s portfolio.

Image Source: 9eme Concept Official Website

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