Harmonizing Streets: How & Nosm’s “Personal Melody”

Harmonizing Streets: How & Nosm’s “Personal Melody”
Harmonizing Streets: How & Nosm’s “Personal Melody”

A Symphony in Urban Art

“Title: Personal Melody”

The dynamic duo of street art, How & Nosm, orchestrated a visual symphony titled “Personal Melody” in the heart of Philadelphia. This mural, a testament to their artistic brilliance, is a captivating addition to the urban landscape.

Maestros of Creativity

“Creator: How & Nosm, Photo by Steve Weinik”
“Date: 2012-08-01”

Renowned for their collaborative brilliance, How & Nosm, the identical twin brothers Raoul and Davide Perre, left an indelible mark on Philadelphia’s streetscape on August 1, 2012. The photograph captured by Steve Weinik immortalizes the transient beauty of their creation.

City of Brotherly Love Canvas

“Location: Philadelphia, PA”
“Location Created: Philadelphia, PA”

The chosen canvas for “Personal Melody” was the vibrant city of Philadelphia, synonymous with history and cultural diversity. How & Nosm strategically placed their mural, adding a new layer to the city’s artistic identity.

External Harmony: Mural Arts Program

“External Link: Mural Arts Program

The external link provided connects art enthusiasts to the Mural Arts Program, the organization behind this urban masterpiece. How & Nosm’s “Personal Melody” becomes part of a larger narrative, demonstrating the transformative power of street art in collaboration with established programs.

Conclusion: A Visual Ode

In the tapestry of Philadelphia’s urban landscape, “Personal Melody” by How & Nosm is not just a mural; it’s a visual ode that harmonizes with the city’s rhythm. The twins’ unique blend of color, form, and symbolism creates a symphony of visual delight, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the melody of urban artistry.

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