Creators: Shepard Fairey, ROA, D*Face

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Creators: Shepard Fairey, ROA, D*Face

Date Created: 2013

Location Created: Vendeja Street, Málaga

A Tapestry of Expression: Soho’s Artistic Revival


In the heart of Malaga, Spain, the Soho neighborhood witnessed a vibrant artistic revival in 2013. Renowned street artists Shepard Fairey, ROA, and D*Face converged to create a series of interventions, transforming the urban landscape into a canvas of free expression.

The Artists Behind the Murals

Shepard Fairey: Iconic Artistry

Shepard Fairey, the creative force behind the iconic “Obey” brand, brought his distinctive style to Soho’s streets. Fairey’s work often explores themes of politics and propaganda, and his interventions in Malaga were no exception.

ROA: Celebrating Wildlife Through Murals

Belgian street artist ROA, known for his intricate depictions of wildlife, added a touch of biodiversity to the Soho neighborhood. His large-scale murals are a testament to his commitment to environmental themes and the beauty of the animal kingdom.

D*Face: Exploring Pop Culture

D*Face, a prominent figure in the world of street art, contributed his signature blend of pop culture and urban aesthetics. His interventions injected a dynamic energy, seamlessly merging with the eclectic tapestry of Soho.

Project MAUS: Fostering Artistic Diversity

Objective and Expression

The interventions were part of Project MAUS, an initiative aimed at creating a space for free expression and a meeting point for diverse artistic voices. Participating artists, both local and international, were encouraged to capture their most original ideas, resulting in a kaleidoscope of thematic and stylistic diversity.

Techniques and Collaboration

Project MAUS served as a collaborative platform where artists employed various production techniques, fostering an environment where creativity knew no bounds. The interventions in Soho became a living testament to the power of artistic collaboration.

Legacy and Continued Inspiration

The walls of Vendeja Street in Málaga, once the backdrop for these transformative interventions, continue to resonate with the echoes of artistic expression. The legacy of Shepard Fairey, ROA, and D*Face’s contributions to Soho’s artistic identity endures, inspiring future generations of artists and urban explorers.

Image Source: Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Málaga

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