The Untitled Masterpiece

The Untitled Masterpiece
The Untitled Masterpiece

Conrad Florez, a luminary in the world of street art, graced Buenos Aires, Argentina, with his artistic prowess in 2011. Born in 1984, Conrad Florez hails from Peru, bringing a unique blend of cultural influences to his creations.

The Untitled Masterpiece

In the heart of Buenos Aires, Conrad Florez left an enduring mark with his untitled masterpiece. Executed on November 11, 2011, this piece emerged as part of the Meeting of Styles, One World, One People festival—a celebration of global artistic unity.

Estilo Libre: A Canvas for Expression

The mural found its home in Estilo Libre, a location at Tte. Benjamin Matienzo 2901-2999, Buenos Aires. This space, chosen deliberately by Florez, became a canvas for his creative expression, transforming a mundane wall into a vibrant testament to the power of street art.

Meeting of Styles: One World, One People

Conrad Florez’s involvement in the Meeting of Styles festival speaks to his commitment to the ethos of unity and diversity. The festival, held in Buenos Aires in 2011, provided a platform for artists like Florez to showcase their talents and contribute to the global tapestry of street art.

A Glimpse into Conrad Florez’s Lifespan

Born in 1984, Conrad Florez has navigated the evolving landscape of street art, leaving his mark on various corners of the world. His creative journey reflects a dedication to pushing the boundaries of artistic expression within the dynamic realm of street art.

The Physical Location: Tte. Benjamin Matienzo 2901-2999

Tte. Benjamin Matienzo 2901-2999 in Buenos Aires is not just an address; it’s a testament to the intersection of urban spaces and artistic vision. Conrad Florez deliberately selected this location for his untitled masterpiece, adding a layer of significance to the physical presence of his art.

Street Art as a Form of Expression

The untitled piece by Conrad Florez falls under the broad category of street art. This genre, characterized by its unconventional canvas and public accessibility, allows artists to communicate with a diverse audience outside the confines of traditional art spaces.

Conrad Florez’s Nationality: Peruvian Pride

As a Peruvian artist, Conrad Florez infuses his works with the rich cultural heritage of Peru. His nationality becomes a thread that weaves through the tapestry of his creations, adding depth and nuance to the visual narratives he constructs.


Conrad Florez’s untitled masterpiece in Buenos Aires serves as a testament to the global language of street art. Born from the Meeting of Styles festival, this piece encapsulates the spirit of unity, diversity, and creative freedom that defines the world of Conrad Florez, a Peruvian artist leaving an indelible mark on the vibrant streets of Buenos Aires.

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