A Fusion of Urban Artistry: D*Face and Obey Unleash Their Creativity

A Fusion of Urban Artistry: D*Face and Obey Unleash Their Creativity
A Fusion of Urban Artistry: D*Face and Obey Unleash Their Creativity

Creators: D*Face, Obey
Date Created: November 2013
Location Created: Navalón Street, Málaga
Venue: Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Málaga

A Fusion of Urban Artistry: D*Face and Obey Unleash Their Creativity

Dynamic Duo: D*Face and Obey

In a captivating fusion of urban artistry, renowned street artists D*Face and Obey joined forces to create an untitled mural masterpiece in the vibrant city of Malaga, Spain. The collaboration unfolded in November 2013, leaving a lasting imprint on Navalón Street.

Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Málaga: Setting the Stage

MAUS Program Unveils Urban Excellence

The mural found its canvas on Navalón Street, nestled within the cultural embrace of the Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Málaga. This iconic venue served as the backdrop for the collaboration, providing a dynamic stage for the artists’ creative dialogue.

Mural Painting Extravaganza: D*Face and Obey’s Expressive Brushstrokes

Urban Poetry on Navalón Street

The mural, born from the expressive brushstrokes of D*Face and Obey, transformed Navalón Street into a living canvas. The harmonious blend of their distinct styles created an urban poetry that resonated with the spirit of Malaga.

The MAUS Program: Nurturing Urban Art in Malaga

Cultural Alchemy in Spain

Within the MAUS program, the mural unfolded as an epitome of cultural alchemy. D*Face and Obey, internationally acclaimed urban artists, brought their unique visual languages to Malaga, contributing to the city’s vibrant tapestry.

D*Face: The Maverick Visionary

From London Streets to Global Recognition

D*Face, with roots in the London street art scene, evolved into a maverick visionary. His art, characterized by bold colors and subversive narratives, transcends geographical boundaries, making him a global icon in the realm of urban expression.

Obey (Shepard Fairey): The Street Art Luminary

Beyond the OBEY Giant

Shepard Fairey, recognized by the iconic OBEY Giant, is a luminary in the street art universe. With a career marked by socio-political commentary and powerful visual aesthetics, Fairey’s creations extend from street corners to renowned galleries.

Navalón Street Chronicles: A Mural Narrative

Streets as Canvases, Walls as Stories

Navalón Street became a chapter in the narrative of Malaga’s urban evolution. The untitled mural, a testament to D*Face and Obey’s collaborative genius, invited onlookers to decipher its visual language and connect with the evolving story of the city.

Global Impact: D*Face, Obey, and Malaga’s Artistic Renaissance

Beyond Borders, Connecting Cultures

The collaboration between D*Face, Obey, and the city of Malaga transcends geographical borders. It exemplifies the power of art to connect cultures, initiate conversations, and foster a global community passionate about the transformative nature of urban expression.

Legacy on Navalón: D*Face and Obey’s Gift to Malaga

More Than Paint on Walls

Beyond the layers of paint on Navalón Street, D*Face and Obey left behind a gift to Malaga — a legacy of artistic excellence. The untitled mural stands as a living testament to the dynamic intersection of global street art icons and the culturally rich tapestry of Malaga.

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