Stavanger’s Mural: Untitled Brilliance

Stavanger’s Mural: Untitled Brilliance
Stavanger’s Mural: Untitled Brilliance

Australian artistic duo Dabs and Myla made a significant contribution to the street art scene in Stavanger, Norway, during their visit in September 2013. Known for their colorful and maximalist style, the husband-and-wife team injected their distinctive characters into the city center, leaving an indelible mark on the urban landscape.

Dabs and Myla, individually known as DABS and Myla, respectively, joined forces, combining their artistic expertise to create visually captivating and detailed works. DABS brings decades of graffiti experience, while Myla’s background leans towards brush-based illustration. Their collaboration birthed a signature style known for its vibrancy and whimsical characters.

Stavanger’s Mural: Untitled Brilliance

Their mural, simply titled “Untitled,” graced Klubbgata 5, 4013 in Stavanger, portraying a joyful sausage figure against a tropical maritime backdrop. This piece perfectly encapsulates the duo’s penchant for playful and colorful imagery that draws the eye and sparks joy in passersby.

Medium and Artistic Flair

Utilizing spray paint as their primary medium, Dabs and Myla’s work blurs the lines between illustration and graffiti, showcasing their versatility and adaptability in the realm of street art. Their style exudes energy and liveliness, breathing new life into the walls they adorn.

Nuart Festival and Rights

Their contribution to Stavanger’s urban artistry was in collaboration with the Nuart Festival. The rights to this vibrant mural are shared between the festival itself and Ian Cox, who likely documented and preserved the essence of Dabs and Myla’s artwork for posterity.

Street Art Movement and Legacy

The duo’s participation in the street art movement has significantly influenced the perception and appreciation of this art form. Their mural in Stavanger, along with their broader body of work, stands as a testament to their impact, injecting color and character into urban environments while inviting viewers into a world of whimsy and imagination.

Embracing Illustration and Graffiti Fusion

Through their collaborative efforts, Dabs and Myla continue to blur boundaries between graffiti and illustration, showcasing how diverse art forms can converge and harmonize within the context of street art. Their joyful and detailed murals bring a unique and refreshing perspective to the art scene.

Depicted Location: Arkaden

The mural by Dabs and Myla at Klubbgata 5, 4013 Stavanger, likely added a burst of color and creativity to the Arkaden area, becoming a focal point that captivated and delighted locals and visitors alike.

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