The Artist: Dano

The Artist: Dano
The Artist: Dano

Dano, an enigmatic street artist, left an imprint on the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina, between 2010 and 2014 with an untitled digital photograph. This creation, captured at Armendia 2001, represents Dano’s unique perspective captured through the lens.

The Artist: Dano

The identity of Dano remains shrouded in mystery, with limited information available about the artist. Dano’s work, represented through digital photography, often showcases a blend of urban elements and unseen perspectives.

Location and Creative Expression

The digital photograph by Dano emerged within the urban landscape of Buenos Aires at Armendia 2001. Dano’s style and artistic expression are reflected through the lens, potentially depicting aspects of everyday life or captivating moments.

Type of Art: Digital Photograph

Dano’s artwork falls within the realm of digital photography, suggesting a departure from traditional street art forms such as graffiti or murals. This medium allows the artist to capture unique visuals and moments, showcasing a different facet of street art.

Artistic Ambiguity and Lifespan

The lifespan of the artist is indicated as 1900, which might be an approximation or signify an unknown or deliberately hidden lifespan. Dano’s intentional anonymity adds an air of intrigue to the artistic identity.


Dano’s untitled digital photograph serves as a visual testament to the artist’s ability to capture unseen perspectives within the urban environment of Buenos Aires. Despite the mystery surrounding the artist’s identity, Dano’s digital artwork stands as a silent observer, reflecting moments frozen in time, evoking curiosity and contemplation among viewers who encounter the enigmatic imagery captured through the lens.

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