Unraveling DRAW’s Expressionism

Unraveling DRAW’s Expressionism
Unraveling DRAW’s Expressionism
  • Creator: DRAW
  • Creator Lifespan: 1900/2014
  • Date: 2013/2013
  • Physical Location: Rua das Murtas, Lisbon, Portugal
  • Location Created: Rua das Murtas, Lisbon
  • Technique: Graffiti
  • Description: Three melting faces with crazy eyes looking for something in despair.
  • Type: Graffiti
  • Rights: © CML | DPC | José Vicente 2013
  • Medium: Wall

The graffiti piece, titled “untitled,” embodies the artistic brilliance of the enigmatic creator known by the tag DRAW. Situated in the vibrant streets of Rua das Murtas, Lisbon, this artwork became an intriguing part of the city’s urban landscape.

Unraveling DRAW’s Expressionism

The mural, part of the “Rostos no Muro Azul” project under the Galeria de Arte Urbana, illustrates three faces in a state of dissolution, characterized by melting features and wildly expressive eyes. This haunting portrayal captivates viewers, evoking a sense of desperation and intense emotion.

DRAW, a graffiti artist with an active period spanning from 1900 to 2014, remains an enigma in the street art world. Despite the anonymity, their profound expression through graffiti has left an indelible mark on Lisbon’s artistic identity. The choice of creating three faces melting into a disfigured state conveys an essence of profound human emotions, translating into an immersive visual experience.

Utilizing the wall as their canvas, DRAW employed the graffiti technique to craft this thought-provoking masterpiece. The piece’s incorporation into the urban landscape of Lisbon adds depth and narrative to the city’s artistic tapestry, contributing to its vibrant street art scene.

The “untitled” graffiti mural by DRAW, with its evocative and emotive portrayal, serves as a testament to the impactful nature of street art in engaging audiences and sparking contemplation about human emotions and existence.

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