Location: Castillo 601, Buenos Aires

Location: Castillo 601, Buenos Aires
Location: Castillo 601, Buenos Aires

The collaborative efforts of artists Ever and Mr Kern left an indelible mark on the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina, with their project titled “Untitled.” This digital photograph, created between 2010 and 2014, embodies the creative synergy between two celebrated artists in the street art scene.

Ever, a prominent Argentine street artist born in 1982, is known for his emotionally charged and socially conscious murals that often convey profound messages. On the other hand, Mr Kern’s identity and specific details remain less known, yet his collaborative endeavors in the art world reflect a shared artistic vision.

The “Untitled” project, a digital photograph, emerged as a result of the collaboration between Ever and Mr Kern. This joint effort showcased the amalgamation of their artistic styles and ideologies, capturing a moment of creative expression in Buenos Aires.

Location: Castillo 601, Buenos Aires

The specific location of the creation remains tied to Castillo 601 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where Ever and Mr Kern’s collaborative spirit flourished, resulting in the production of this digital photograph.

Graffitimundo’s Involvement

The project’s provenance is linked to graffitimundo, an organization dedicated to documenting and promoting Buenos Aires’ vibrant street art scene. Their involvement likely facilitated the creation and documentation of this collaborative piece.

Legacy and Artistic Impact

While the details regarding the “Untitled” project may remain somewhat elusive, the legacy of Ever and Mr Kern’s collaboration endures through their collective contributions to the rich tapestry of Buenos Aires’ street art culture. Their collaborative work represents a fusion of artistic talents and a shared dedication to urban artistic expression.


Ever and Mr Kern’s collaborative efforts in creating the “Untitled” project underscore their shared commitment to artistic collaboration and the transformative power of street art. This digital photograph serves as a testament to their creative synergy and lasting impact within Buenos Aires’ dynamic street art landscape.

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