1. The Mural Ensemble:

1. The Mural Ensemble:
1. The Mural Ensemble:
  • Creators’ Lifespan: 1985
  • Creators’ Nationality: Argentina
  • Date: 2012-11-11 – 2012-11-11
  • Physical Location: Santa María del Buen Aire 902-1000, Buenos Aires
  • Location Created: Santa María del Buen Aire 902-1000, Buenos Aires
  • Type: Street Art

1. The Mural Ensemble:

  • The collaborative effort of street artists EXOT, AMOR, BLEM, CREO, NICE, FAUNO, PELOS, OSHE, and BLABLABUTO came to life in a captivating mural.
  • Executed as part of the Meeting of Styles festival, All in One, this ensemble marked a significant cultural event in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 2012.

2. Fusion of Artistic Identities:

  • Each contributor brought a unique artistic identity to the mural, resulting in a tapestry of diverse styles, techniques, and expressions.

Creators’ Insight: Voices of Expression

1. EXOT:

  • Known for pushing artistic boundaries, EXOT’s contribution reflects a fusion of avant-garde concepts and urban aesthetics.

2. AMOR:

  • AMOR’s art often delves into themes of love and human connections, adding an emotive layer to the collaborative masterpiece.

3. BLEM:

  • BLEM, with a penchant for intricate detailing, contributes to the mural with a display of meticulous craftsmanship.

4. CREO:

  • CREO, a visionary in the street art scene, infuses the mural with abstract elements, prompting viewers to engage in interpretative exploration.

5. NICE:

  • NICE, recognized for a distinctive style, leaves an indelible mark, inviting observers to unravel the layers of creativity within the mural.


  • FAUNO’s artistic language, often inspired by nature and mythology, adds a mythical dimension to the collaborative artwork.


  • PELOS, with a focus on raw and unfiltered expressions, contributes a dynamic element to the mural, resonating with the energy of the streets.

8. OSHE:

  • OSHE’s art, characterized by bold strokes and vibrant colors, amplifies the visual impact of the collective creation.


  • BLABLABUTO, the collaborative force, weaves together the artistic narratives, creating a harmonious composition that transcends individual styles.

Legacy and Cultural Impact:

1. Street Art as Cultural Discourse:

  • This collaborative mural stands as a testament to the power of street art as a cultural discourse, providing a canvas for diverse voices to be heard.

2. Meeting of Styles Festival:

  • The mural’s creation during the Meeting of Styles festival encapsulates the spirit of artistic freedom and collaboration that defines the Buenos Aires street art scene.

Conclusion: A Tapestry of Urban Expression

“In the heart of Buenos Aires, the collaborative mural by EXOT, AMOR, BLEM, CREO, NICE, FAUNO, PELOS, OSHE, and BLABLABUTO serves as a vibrant testament to the city’s rich street art culture. Each artist, with their unique voice, contributes to a larger narrative of creativity, expression, and cultural dialogue, leaving an enduring mark on the urban landscape of Santa María del Buen Aire.”

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