GLAM: A Mysterious Artisan

GLAM: A Mysterious Artisan
GLAM: A Mysterious Artisan

Galeria de Arte Urbana in Lisbon, Portugal, witnessed the emergence of a captivating piece titled “Untitled,” a creation of the mysterious street artist known as GLAM. This enigmatic artwork, born in 2013 as part of the “Rostos no Muro Azul” project, portrays a mosaic monster with piercing blue eyes devouring the word “Alma” (Soul) with sharp teeth.

GLAM: A Mysterious Artisan

GLAM, the mastermind behind Untitled, remains a mysterious figure with limited information available about their background. The artist’s lifespan is noted as 1900/2014, adding an air of intrigue to their artistic legacy.

The Blue Mosaic Monster: A Graffiti Marvel

Created in 2013, Untitled stands as a prime example of GLAM’s graffiti prowess. The technique employed in this piece transforms the wall on Rua das Murtas in Lisbon into a canvas where a blue monster, with eyes that seem to pierce the observer, engages in a surreal act of devouring the word “Alma.”

Rostos no Muro Azul: The Project Context

Untitled finds its place within the “Rostos no Muro Azul” (Faces on the Blue Wall) project, a broader initiative that brings unique and thought-provoking faces to the blue-hued walls of Lisbon. GLAM’s contribution adds a touch of the fantastical, blurring the lines between reality and imagination.

Graffiti as an Art Form

As a type of graffiti, Untitled challenges traditional notions of art and its presentation. GLAM’s ability to seamlessly integrate a monstrous creation into an urban landscape speaks to the transformative power of graffiti as an art form that engages with the public in unexpected ways.

Rua das Murtas: The Physical Canvas

Located on Rua das Murtas in Lisbon, the physicality of Untitled contributes to the local visual identity. The geographical specificity (38.721843° N, 9.126090° W) ensures that GLAM’s creation becomes an integral part of the city’s cultural and artistic narrative.

Rights and Recognition

The rights to Untitled are attributed to © CML (Câmara Municipal de Lisboa), DPC (Direção Municipal de Cultura), and José Vicente 2013. This recognition underscores the collaborative nature of street art projects and the institutional support that contributes to their success.

Wall Medium: Urban Expression

Untitled exists not on a conventional canvas but as a part of the urban landscape, utilizing the medium of a wall. This choice reinforces the dynamic nature of street art, transcending traditional artistic spaces and making a statement in the public realm.

In summary, GLAM’s Untitled is more than a mere graffiti; it’s a testament to the artist’s ability to merge the fantastical with the urban. As part of the “Rostos no Muro Azul” project, this piece adds a unique flavor to Lisbon’s streets, inviting passersby to engage with the unexpected and explore the imaginative realm crafted by GLAM.

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