The Artwork: A Metaphor for Contemporary Society

The Artwork: A Metaphor for Contemporary Society
The Artwork: A Metaphor for Contemporary Society

In 2011, Brazilian artist Herbert Baglione made an impactful artistic intervention in Rome, Italy, through his mural titled “Untitled.” This mural stands as a poignant reflection on contemporary society, symbolized by solitary figures encapsulated by a dividing black sea, compelling viewers to contemplate societal disconnection and the quest for transformation.

The Artwork: A Metaphor for Contemporary Society

“Untitled,” a mural by Baglione, occupies a substantial wall space measuring 35 meters in width and 3 meters in height. The artwork features solitary figures standing closely yet divided by a symbolic black sea, representing the estrangement prevalent in today’s society. Baglione’s work resonates as a plea for change, urging cities to become conduits for connection rather than theaters for estrangement.

Herbert Baglione: A Renowned Street Artist

Baglione, a male Brazilian artist born in Brazil, has gained widespread recognition in the industry, revered for his distinct style characterized by thin lines and curves painted in black and white. His solitary figures, often surrounded by swirling vortex-like patterns reminiscent of Art Nouveau, have adorned walls across South America and Europe.

Career and Collaborations

Baglione’s artistic journey spans collaborations with prestigious entities such as Juxtapoz magazine, for which he crafted multiple covers, and partnerships with renowned brands like Adidas and Upper Playground in 2008. His career boasts participation in significant solo exhibitions and artistic events worldwide, from São Paulo Biennial to International Festival Graffiti in Chile, showcasing the artist’s global impact.

Physical Dimensions and Location

Located at Via delle Conce 15 in the Ostiense district of Rome, the mural “Untitled” spans a considerable physical space, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in Baglione’s thought-provoking visual narrative.


Herbert Baglione’s “Untitled” mural transcends mere street art; it serves as a visual commentary on societal fragmentation and the yearning for connection within contemporary urban landscapes. Through his profound visual storytelling and globally acclaimed career, Baglione continues to be a prominent figure in the global street art movement, challenging perceptions and stirring emotions with his evocative murals.

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