The Artwork: “Untitled”

The Artwork: “Untitled”
The Artwork: “Untitled”

The collaborative efforts of ICE and Oz Montanía resulted in the creation of an enigmatic piece titled “Untitled.” Though specific details about ICE and Oz Montanía are scarce, their joint work within the realm of street art in Buenos Aires has left an intriguing mark on the city’s urban landscape.

The Artwork: “Untitled”

“Untitled,” produced between 2010 and 2014 under the platform of graffitimundo, remains shrouded in mystery. The details and thematic elements of the piece are not extensively documented, adding an air of mystique to its presence at Matienzo 2701 in Buenos Aires.

Digital Photograph as Art

The creation is categorized as a digital photograph, emphasizing the evolving nature of street art beyond traditional mediums. The digital aspect adds layers to the artistic expression, potentially portraying the fusion of digital technology with street art.

Location and Context

Located at Matienzo 2701 in Buenos Aires, the artwork’s precise message and impact within the urban environment remain open to interpretation. The context and thematic relevance within the city’s streetscape invite contemplation and analysis.

Legacy and Influence

ICE and Oz Montanía, although shrouded in anonymity, contribute to the diverse and intriguing street art narrative in Buenos Aires. Their joint creation, “Untitled,” serves as a testament to the varied forms and expressions found within the city’s vibrant street art scene.


The collaborative efforts of ICE and Oz Montanía in the creation of “Untitled” underscore the allure and mystique often associated with street art in Buenos Aires. Despite the limited information available about the creators and the artwork itself, their joint expression continues to contribute to the city’s artistic richness, encouraging viewers to engage with and ponder upon the mysteries embedded within the urban art landscape.

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