The 400 ML Project by Le MUR’s Association

The 400 ML Project by Le MUR’s Association
The 400 ML Project by Le MUR’s Association

In the dynamic realm of street art, where creativity knows no bounds, KOSTAR emerges as a distinctive and influential figure. The Belgian artist made a significant mark with the creation of “Bombe 400ML customisée” as part of the 400 ML Project by Le MUR’s association in 2008. This article delves into the details of this remarkable piece and the artist behind its conception.

The 400 ML Project by Le MUR’s Association

The backdrop of “Bombe 400ML customisée” is the 400 ML Project initiated by Le MUR’s association, a renowned organization dedicated to promoting street art. This collaborative effort often invites artists to contribute their unique perspectives to the urban landscape, fostering a vibrant and ever-evolving street art scene.

Unveiling the Mastermind: KOSTAR

The creative genius behind “Bombe 400ML customisée” is none other than KOSTAR. Renowned for his distinctive style and innovative approach to street art, KOSTAR has left an indelible mark on the art world. While the artist’s real identity may remain shrouded in mystery – a common characteristic in the street art realm – his work speaks volumes about his talent and vision.

Bombe 400ML customisée: A Glimpse into the Artwork

Title: Bombe 400ML customisée

The title itself hints at the explosive creativity encapsulated within this piece. “Bombe,” French for bomb, suggests an explosive burst of artistic expression, while “400ML customisée” alludes to the customized nature of the 400 ML spray paint can, a ubiquitous tool in the street artist’s arsenal.

Date: 2008

“Bombe 400ML customisée” was birthed in 2008, marking a specific moment in time when KOSTAR’s artistic prowess collided with the urban landscape of Belgium. The piece serves as a visual time capsule, capturing the essence of that period and the artist’s state of mind.

Location: Belgium

Situated in Belgium, “Bombe 400ML customisée” becomes a part of the rich tapestry of urban art that graces the streets of this European country. The specific location within Belgium adds a layer of context, tying the artwork to its surroundings and the local community.


“Bombe 400ML customisée” stands as a testament to KOSTAR’s ability to transform the mundane into the extraordinary, using the canvas of the city itself. As a part of the 400 ML Project by Le MUR’s association, this piece contributes to the ever-evolving narrative of street art, inviting viewers to explore the intersection of creativity, culture, and the urban environment.

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