ISKOR: A Brazilian Graffiti Virtuoso

ISKOR: A Brazilian Graffiti Virtuoso
ISKOR: A Brazilian Graffiti Virtuoso

Title: Untitled
Creator: ISKOR
Creator Nationality: Brazilian
Creator Gender: Male
Creator Birth Place: Brazil
Date Created: 2012/2013
Location Created: Rua Turiassu / Avenida Pompeia, São Paulo, Brasil
More Info: Eduardo Saretta
Type: Graffiti
Rights: Iskor
External Link: Flickr – ISKOR

ISKOR: A Brazilian Graffiti Virtuoso

Artistic Identity

ISKOR, a male Brazilian street artist, stands out in São Paulo’s vibrant street art scene. His commitment to artistic innovation is evident in his goal of never replicating any of his previous works, showcasing a dedication to constant renewal and creative evolution.

The Unveiling of “Untitled”

Date and Location

In the years 2012 and 2013, ISKOR brought his artistic prowess to life in São Paulo, Brazil, specifically on Rua Turiassu / Avenida Pompeia. The mural, aptly titled “Untitled,” reflects not only the physical location but also the artist’s refusal to confine himself to artistic repetition.

Collaborative Insight: Eduardo Saretta

The collaborative aspect of street art is highlighted through Eduardo Saretta’s involvement. More information about the mural and ISKOR’s artistic journey can be explored through the lens of Eduardo Saretta’s insights.

Graffiti as a Form of Expression

Type: Graffiti

ISKOR’s chosen medium is graffiti, a dynamic and expressive form of art that engages with the public space. “Untitled” becomes a living testimony to the artist’s ability to transform mundane surfaces into captivating canvases, adding vibrancy to the urban environment.

ISKOR’s Artistic Philosophy

Artistic Philosophy: Constant Renewal

ISKOR’s commitment to never replicating his previous works underscores a profound artistic philosophy. It reflects a desire for continual growth and a refusal to be bound by the limitations of artistic comfort zones. Each mural becomes a unique chapter in ISKOR’s ever-expanding artistic narrative.

Rights and External Exploration

Rights: Iskor

The rights to “Untitled” rest firmly with ISKOR, emphasizing the artist’s ownership and creative control over his work. External exploration is facilitated through a dedicated Flickr page, providing a digital platform for enthusiasts to delve into ISKOR’s portfolio.

External Link: Flickr – ISKOR

ISKOR’s presence on Flickr allows a broader audience to witness the diversity of his creations. It serves as a virtual gallery, extending the reach of “Untitled” and other works beyond the streets of São Paulo.


ISKOR’s “Untitled” not only graces the streets of São Paulo but also symbolizes a larger narrative of artistic individuality and constant renewal. Through the lens of Eduardo Saretta and the virtual gallery on Flickr, ISKOR’s commitment to uniqueness becomes a shared experience, inviting art enthusiasts to appreciate the ever-changing canvas of São Paulo’s street art scene.

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