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Title: untitled

JADE, a Peruvian street artist, left an indelible mark on the streets of Buenos Aires with an untitled mural. This artwork emerged as part of the Meeting of Styles, One World, One People festival in 2011, showcasing the artist’s prowess in the realm of street art.

Unveiling JADE’s Identity: A Peruvian Visionary

Creator: JADE

Hailing from Peru, JADE is the creative force behind the untitled mural that graces Tte. Benjamin Matienzo in Buenos Aires. His artistic vision converges with the festival’s theme, creating a visual masterpiece that reflects cultural diversity and unity.

Date Created: 2011-11-11

On the 11th of November in 2011, JADE brought his creative energy to life on the streets of Buenos Aires. The mural, conceived during the Meeting of Styles festival, stands as a testament to the artist’s commitment to cultural exchange.

Physical Location: Buenos Aires Streets as the Canvas

Location: Tte. Benjamin Matienzo 2901-2999, Buenos Aires

The mural finds its home on Tte. Benjamin Matienzo, a street in Buenos Aires that becomes a canvas for JADE’s expression. The urban landscape transforms into an open-air gallery, inviting passersby to engage with the artwork.

Meeting of Styles: One World, One People Festival

Festival Theme: Unity in Diversity

JADE’s untitled mural aligns with the overarching theme of the Meeting of Styles festival – “One World, One People.” The festival serves as a platform for artists like JADE to contribute to a global conversation through their unique cultural perspectives.

Street Art: Beyond the Conventional

Type: Street Art

JADE’s creation transcends traditional artistic boundaries, falling under the category of street art. The untitled mural, with its vibrant colors and evocative imagery, exemplifies the power of art to communicate without words.

Preserving the Legacy: Tte. Benjamin Matienzo as an Artistic Heritage

Legacy and Impact

JADE’s untitled mural is more than a fleeting work of art; it becomes part of the cultural heritage of Tte. Benjamin Matienzo. The mural’s impact extends beyond its creation date, continuing to inspire and engage the community.

Conclusion: JADE’s Cultural Ode on Buenos Aires Walls

In the heart of Buenos Aires, JADE’s untitled mural stands as a cultural ode, blending Peruvian artistic vision with the vibrant energy of Argentina. Through the language of street art, JADE communicates a message of unity and shared humanity, leaving an enduring mark on the streetscape of Tte. Benjamin Matienzo.

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