“untitled”: The Intriguing Artwork

“untitled”: The Intriguing Artwork
“untitled”: The Intriguing Artwork

The cityscape of Lisbon, Portugal, once bore witness to an intriguing piece of street art titled “untitled,” attributed to the artist João Samina. This creation, part of the “Almada por se7e” project within the Galeria de Arte Urbana, made a bold statement about surveillance and observation within society.

João Samina, whose lifespan spans from 1900 to 2014, remains an enigmatic figure, leaving behind a legacy through his artistic endeavors. Little is known about his life, yet his impact on the street art scene, particularly in Lisbon, remains significant.

“untitled”: The Intriguing Artwork

Created in 2012, the “untitled” piece by João Samina stood prominently at Calçada da Glória, Lisbon, inviting passersby to engage with its striking imagery. The artwork portrayed the face of a man seemingly observing viewers, his right eye accentuated with what appears to be a monocle, enhancing the intensity of his gaze. Adorned in formal attire with a hat, cane, and vest, the figure stood against a backdrop dripping with elements of geometric abstraction.

Surveillance and Symbolism

The portrayal of the vigilant figure in “untitled” echoes themes of surveillance and scrutiny. The deliberate choice of elements, including the man’s attire and the use of geometric shapes, suggests a deeper commentary on societal observation and control, evoking a sense of unease and introspection within the viewer.

The Digital Legacy

While the physical manifestation of “untitled” no longer exists, its digital footprint preserves the essence and significance of Samina’s creation. Only accessible in the digital realm, this artwork continues to provoke contemplation and discussion regarding the societal implications of surveillance and the boundaries of observation.

Stencil and Painting Technique

Employing stencil and painting techniques, João Samina masterfully brought forth this thought-provoking piece. The combination of these methods allowed for a detailed and impactful portrayal, amplifying the message conveyed by the artwork.


“untitled” by João Samina was a testament to the artist’s ability to provoke thought and dialogue through street art. Its absence in the physical realm does not diminish its significance; instead, it underscores the enduring impact of art in the digital age. This piece continues to invite interpretation, leaving an indelible mark on the streets of Lisbon and in the realm of street art discourse.

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