The Festival Mural: Art in Motion

The Festival Mural: Art in Motion
The Festival Mural: Art in Motion
  • Creator: Juan Danna
  • Birth: 1978
  • Nationality: Argentine

Juan Danna, an Argentine street artist born in 1978, stands as a beacon in the realm of street art. His creative prowess and distinctive works have left an indelible mark on the walls of Buenos Aires, particularly through his mural unveiled during the Tigre 100×100 festival in January 2013.

The Festival Mural: Art in Motion

Danna’s untitled mural, crafted during the Tigre 100×100 festival, stands as a testament to his artistic depth and unique expression. Though unnamed, the mural speaks volumes through its visual narrative, displaying Danna’s mastery in storytelling through street art.

Location and Creation

Situated at Ituzaingó 3000-3098 in Benavídez, Buenos Aires, Danna’s mural breathed life into the streetscape of this vibrant city. The exact details of the mural’s imagery or theme are undisclosed, but it is a reflection of Danna’s ingenuity and creativity.

Artistic Prowess and Legacy

Juan Danna’s impact on the street art scene in Buenos Aires is evident through his remarkable contributions. While specific details about this particular mural remain veiled, Danna’s body of work encapsulates the essence of street art, transforming mundane walls into captivating visual tales.


As an Argentine street artist, Juan Danna’s untitled mural created during the Tigre 100×100 festival in January 2013 adds yet another stroke to the canvas of his legacy. While the specifics of this mural’s design are not elucidated, the impact of Danna’s artistry remains an influential force in the ever-evolving tapestry of street art in Buenos Aires.

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