Art as Activism: Unveiling the Essence of Kennardphillipps

Art as Activism: Unveiling the Essence of Kennardphillipps
Art as Activism: Unveiling the Essence of Kennardphillipps
  • Collaboration Name: Kennardphillipps
  • Date Created: September 2016
  • Location Created: Domkirkeplassen 2, 4006 Stavanger, Norway

Art as Activism: Unveiling the Essence of Kennardphillipps

Kennardphillipps, a dynamic collaboration between artists Peter Kennard and Cat Phillipps, emerged in 2002 with a powerful mission—to respond to the invasion of Iraq through the language of art. Since then, this artistic duo has become synonymous with using their craft to confront the realities of war and power on a global scale.

Diverse Artistic Mediums: From Streets to Galleries

The scope of Kennardphillipps’ work is as expansive as the issues it addresses. Whether on the streets, within galleries, on the internet, or in traditional media like newspapers and magazines, the duo’s art serves as a critical tool to engage with international movements advocating for social and political change.

Empowering Expression: Workshops for Social Change

Beyond their visual creations, Kennardphillipps extends their impact through workshops. These sessions empower individuals to develop skills and articulate their thoughts on global events using visual means. The duo’s commitment to nurturing a community of socially aware artists adds another layer to their influential body of work.

Details of the Stavanger Creation: Untitled Resonance

  • Title: Untitled
  • Rights: ©Nuart Festival, ©Brian Tallman Photography
  • Medium: Paper
  • Art Movement: Street Art
  • Support: Wall

The specific creation in Stavanger, Norway, located at Domkirkeplassen 2, unveils the untitled yet profound resonance of Kennardphillipps’ art. Executed in September 2016 as part of the Nuart Festival, it stands as a testament to the duo’s ability to merge the aesthetic with the activist.

Conclusion: Kennardphillipps—A Force for Artistic Activism

Kennardphillipps transcends the conventional boundaries of art, evolving into a force that challenges the status quo. From their early response to the Iraq invasion to their ongoing commitment to social change, Peter Kennard and Cat Phillipps, as Kennardphillipps, leave an indelible mark on the intersection of art and activism.

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