Unveiling Ambiguity

Unveiling Ambiguity
Unveiling Ambiguity

Founded in January 2007, the enigmatic street artist koloWn emerged within the dynamic landscape of Metro Manila, Philippines. Derived from the oldest street in the country, Colon Street, the moniker “koloWn” intertwines notions of colonialism and artistry, showcasing an unconventional approach to urban expression.

Unveiling Ambiguity

Operating under the premise of kolownization, koloWn embarked on a mission to colonize and reclaim urban spaces. However, the artistry of koloWn transcends the conventional norms of street art. Rather than confining itself to traditional street artistry, koloWn transformed into a multifaceted brand, dealing in enigmatic concepts and diverse styles.

Evolution into a Brand

Over time, koloWn evolved beyond a mere artistic endeavor, metamorphosing into a brand. Ambiguous ideas were its currency, utilizing a multitude of techniques and styles to produce an array of unconventional and sometimes bizarre artistic products.

A Network of Creativity

koloWn operates as a network of individual artists and creators, woven together by a shared penchant for unconventionality. These creators, who may or may not be acquainted with each other, contribute to koloWn’s elusive and diverse body of work.

Location and Legacy

In 2012, the streets of Tacloban, Leyte, Eastern Visayas, Philippines, served as the canvas for koloWn’s artistic expression. The streets were transformed into a realm of ambiguity and unconventional creativity, leaving behind an enigmatic legacy within the heart of Tacloban.

Conclusion: A Tapestry of Unconventionality

The legacy of koloWn resides in its unconventional approach to street artistry. Blurring the lines between art, colonialism, and ambiguity, koloWn carved out a unique space within the Filipino street art scene, leaving behind an indelible imprint of enigmatic creativity and unconventional artistry.

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