The Mural’s Essence

The Mural’s Essence
The Mural’s Essence

In the vibrant city of Lisbon, Portugal, the talented artist Leonor Brilha left an evocative piece of art known simply as “untitled.” Created in 2013, this mural captured attention as part of the Galeria de Arte Urbana, showcasing the artist’s creativity and vision through an expressive and thought-provoking portrayal.

Leonor Brilha, with a lifespan spanning from 1982 to 2014, made a mark in the art world through her distinct creations. Her contribution to the Galeria de Arte Urbana in Lisbon highlighted her ability to convey profound messages through visual art.

The Mural’s Essence

“untitled” depicted a woman seen from behind, her tangled hair resembling the tumultuous waves of a troubled sea. Within this artistic representation, a tiny caravel navigated the waves, while the entangled hair formed a face, evoking the imagery of the Cape of Storms (the former name of Cape of Good Hope).

Symbolism and Message

Amidst the waves of hair, a face emerged, portraying a profound message. The mural conveyed the phrase “No man is born Distraught Life embarrasses himself like hair” (Nobody is tormented, embarrasses life like hair), an evocative statement highlighting life’s complexities and the entanglements one faces along the journey.

“Faces in the Blue Wall”

The background of the mural, painted in blue, was characteristic of the larger project it was a part of: “Faces in the Blue Wall.” This thematic element added depth to the piece, aligning it with a broader artistic narrative and context.

Wall Painting as a Medium

The mural, executed on the wall along Rua das Murtas, specifically on the Muro do Hospital Júlio de Matos in Lisbon, served as a testament to the power of wall painting as a medium for expression, allowing artists like Leonor Brilha to communicate messages that resonate deeply.


Leonor Brilha’s “untitled” mural, with its vivid imagery and profound messaging, remains a poignant representation of artistry and expression in Lisbon’s urban landscape. Through her evocative portrayal on the blue wall, Brilha encapsulated themes of life’s complexities, invoking contemplation and reflection among its viewers.

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