Creator: Atma

Creator: Atma
Creator: Atma

Creator: Atma

Creator Lifespan: 1979

Creator Nationality: French

Creator Gender: Male

Date: 2012-09/2012-09

Physical Location: 4 place du Louvre, 75001 Paris, France

Location Created: 4 place du Louvre, 75001 Paris, France

External Link: Êtres Aimés Project

Type: Peinture, Painting

Titre: Mme Chaleyat

Nationalité de l’artiste: Française

Atma’s Artistic Chronicle: Mrs. Chaleyat’s Tale

Mrs. Chaleyat: A Living Tribute

In the intricate tapestry of street art, Atma emerges as a storyteller, capturing the essence of Mrs. Chaleyat’s life in a poignant mural. Born in 1979, Atma’s artistic journey intertwines with the streets of Paris, breathing life into urban landscapes.

Title: Mrs Chaleyat

The mural titled “Mrs. Chaleyat” serves as a testament to Atma’s ability to transcend time and connect with the human experience. Created in September 2012, this masterpiece pays homage to Mrs. Chaleyat, then 95 years old, positioning her as the focal point of the Loved Ones project.

Location: A Parisian Canvas

The streets of Paris, specifically 4 place du Louvre, 75001, became the canvas for Atma’s expression. The mural, situated on the main facade of the city hall in the 1st district, offered a captivating view facing the iconic Louvre.

Atma’s Artistic Prowess

Atma, a French artist with a penchant for narrative portraiture, delicately translated Mrs. Chaleyat’s life story onto the urban canvas. The mural, a marriage of emotion and skill, stands as a living testament to Atma’s commitment to storytelling through art.

Êtres Aimés Project

The mural finds its place within the Êtres Aimés (Loved Ones) project, a testament to the power of human connection through art. Mrs. Chaleyat, with her rich history, becomes a symbol of the diverse narratives that can be woven into the fabric of public spaces.

Legacy Beyond the Streets

Beyond the four months during which Mrs. Chaleyat’s portrait adorned the city hall, the mural etched itself into the collective memory of Parisians. Atma’s work serves as a reminder that art, when woven into the urban fabric, has the power to transcend fleeting moments and become a timeless part of the city’s narrative.

Atma’s “Mrs. Chaleyat” mural stands as a poignant reminder of the profound impact that street art can have on both the cityscape and the hearts of its inhabitants.

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