Details of the Artwork

Details of the Artwork
Details of the Artwork

In 2014-01, the cityscape of Gdańsk, Poland, witnessed the artistic prowess of Maciej Pakalski through an untitled masterpiece. Located at Ogarna Street, 121, this creation is a testament to Pakalski’s talent and his contribution to the Urban Forms Gallery.

Details of the Artwork

  • Title: Untitled
  • Creator: Maciej Pakalski
  • Date: 2014-01
  • Physical Location: Poland, Gdańsk, Ogarna street, 121
  • Location Created: Poland, Gdańsk, Ogarna street, 121

Maciej Pakalski: Artist Based in Warsaw

Maciej Pakalski, the creative force behind this untitled artwork, is an artist based in Warsaw, Poland. Graduating from the Faculty of Painting of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, Pakalski’s expertise extends to visual art and wall painting, marking him as a distinguished figure in the contemporary art scene.

Urban Forms Gallery: A Canvas for Expression

The Urban Forms Gallery in Łódź, Poland, serves as a platform for artists like Pakalski to bring their creativity to the public realm. Pakalski’s untitled piece in Gdańsk adds another layer to the gallery’s mission of transforming urban spaces into dynamic art installations.

Building №121: Pakalski’s Decorative Touch

The specific building, numbered 121 on Ogarna Street, became a canvas for Maciej Pakalski’s artistic expression. Through his decorative touch, Pakalski transforms the architectural structure into a visual spectacle, merging the boundaries between art and the urban environment.


For a deeper insight into Maciej Pakalski’s portfolio and artistic endeavors, visitors can explore his official website: The website likely provides a comprehensive view of Pakalski’s artistic journey, showcasing his diverse range of works and the evolution of his style.

Gdańsk: A City Transformed

The untitled artwork in Gdańsk becomes a part of the city’s visual narrative, contributing to the dynamic transformation of urban spaces. Pakalski’s creation adds vibrancy to the cultural and artistic identity of Gdańsk, inviting residents and visitors to engage with the city’s evolving artistic landscape.

Multifaceted Artistry: Visual Art and Wall Painting

Maciej Pakalski’s background in visual art and wall painting highlights the multifaceted nature of his artistic practice. His education from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts underscores a formal foundation that blends seamlessly with the dynamic and often unconventional world of street art.


Maciej Pakalski’s untitled artwork on Ogarna Street, 121 in Gdańsk is a testament to the fusion of traditional artistic training and contemporary urban expression. As viewers encounter this piece, they become part of a visual dialogue that transcends the boundaries of conventional art spaces, celebrating the dynamic interplay between creativity and the urban environment.

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