Unveiling the Untitled Artwork

Unveiling the Untitled Artwork
Unveiling the Untitled Artwork

MAR, an enigmatic street artist known for provocative and thought-provoking creations, made a significant impact on the urban art scene. The artist’s identity often remains shrouded in mystery, allowing their work to speak volumes without the confines of a public persona.

Unveiling the Untitled Artwork

Crafted in 2011 on Rua Chão do Loureiro in Lisbon, Portugal, the piece remains untitled, yet its imagery speaks volumes. This mural depicts a unique amalgamation – a half clownfish and a half hand, both seemingly engaged in a surreal interaction. The depiction is striking, with exposed intestines, an amazed expression, and a conversation insinuated with a carp, posing an intriguing question about paternity.

A Dive into the Imagery

The unconventional blend of marine life and human anatomy in MAR’s creation sparks curiosity and contemplation among viewers. The surrealism and vividness of the artwork challenge traditional norms, inviting observers to interpret the narrative behind the amalgamation of disparate elements.

The Location’s Significance

Situated on Rua Chão do Loureiro, this mural becomes a part of Lisbon’s rich tapestry of street art, contributing to the city’s vibrant cultural landscape. MAR’s choice of location enhances the artwork’s impact, engaging passersby and locals in a dialogue about the unconventional beauty of street art.

Acknowledging Artistic Rights

The rights to the mural were attributed to CML | DPC | José Vicente in 2014, providing a sense of legitimacy and recognition to MAR’s creation within the realm of street art in Lisbon.


MAR’s untitled artwork on Rua Chão do Loureiro stands as a testament to the artist’s ability to challenge perceptions, stimulate contemplation, and evoke emotions through unconventional imagery. This thought-provoking piece continues to captivate audiences, solidifying MAR’s position as a pioneering force within the realm of contemporary urban art.

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