Creator: Marcelo Dantas

Creator: Marcelo Dantas
Creator: Marcelo Dantas

Creator: Marcelo Dantas

Date: 2012/2012

Physical Location: Calçada da Glória, Lisboa, Portugal (38°42’53” N 9°8’38” W)

A House of Letters: Exploring “untitled”

Poetry or Library? The Essence of “untitled”

In the vibrant streets of Lisbon, Marcelo Dantas created a masterpiece titled “untitled” in 2012. This unconventional artwork invites viewers to ponder – is it a poem to inhabit or a living library? Against a profound black backdrop, layers of white words painted in stencil form a mesmerizing creation.

Calçada da Glória: The Canvas of Expression

Situated in Calçada da Glória, Lisbon, this piece is part of the “Calçada da Glória” project, showcasing Dantas’s ability to transform ordinary spaces into realms of artistic expression. The location, with its geographical coordinates (38°42’53” N 9°8’38” W), became a canvas for the convergence of literature and street art.

Technique Unveiled: Stencil Mastery

Marcelo Dantas employed the stencil technique to bring “untitled” to life. The strategic layering of words creates an optical illusion, giving rise to shapes resembling a door, a window, and even a place name. The meticulous use of stencil adds depth and complexity to the piece.

Beyond the Physical: A Digital Legacy

Unlike conventional artworks, “untitled” is not available for physical viewing. Its existence has transcended the tangible realm, residing only in the digital domain. This unique approach to art challenges traditional notions, making Dantas’s creation a digital artifact.

Details Unveiled: Insights into “untitled”

  • Medium: Billboard
  • Rights: © CML | DPC | José Vicente 2013

Marcelo Dantas’s “untitled” breaks free from the confines of conventional art, weaving a narrative that blurs the lines between poetry and library. In the heart of Calçada da Glória, Lisbon, this stencil masterpiece stands as a testament to Dantas’s ability to transform urban landscapes into poetic expressions.

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