CHIVITZ: The Brazilian Graffiti Maestro

CHIVITZ: The Brazilian Graffiti Maestro
CHIVITZ: The Brazilian Graffiti Maestro

Title: Untitled
Creator: CHIVITZ
Creator Lifespan: 1976
Creator Nationality: Brazilian
Creator Gender: Male
Creator Birth Place: Brazil
Date Created: 2011/2013
Location Created: Rua do Glicério, São Paulo, SP
Painted: Rua do Glicério, São Paulo, SP
More Info: Eduardo Saretta
Link Alternate 1: YouTube Video
Type: Graffiti
Rights: Chivitz, Fran Parente
External Link: CHIVITZ’s Tumblr

CHIVITZ: The Brazilian Graffiti Maestro

Artist’s Profile

CHIVITZ, a prominent figure in the Brazilian street art scene, was born in 1976 in Brazil. His artistic journey unfolds as a testament to the vibrant and dynamic nature of graffiti, a medium through which CHIVITZ communicates with the world.

“Untitled”: A Collaborative Canvas

Date and Location

In the years 2011 and 2013, CHIVITZ, in collaboration with Minhau, graced Rua do Glicério in São Paulo, SP, with the captivating mural titled “Untitled.” This collaborative effort converges the creative energies of two graffiti virtuosos, resulting in a visual symphony on the streets of São Paulo.

More Info and Collaborator

The mural holds additional insights, facilitated by Eduardo Saretta, providing context and depth to the collaborative work. Minhau’s involvement adds a layer of creative synergy, showcasing the power of collective artistic expression in the realm of graffiti.

Graffiti as a Visual Language

Type: Graffiti

“Untitled” stands as a prime example of the graffiti art form, a visual language that CHIVITZ has mastered. The mural goes beyond mere decoration, transforming the urban landscape into a canvas that communicates stories, emotions, and cultural narratives.

Rights and Ownership

Rights: Chivitz, Fran Parente

The rights to “Untitled” are safeguarded by CHIVITZ and Fran Parente, emphasizing the importance of artist control and ownership in the realm of street art. This approach aligns with the ethos of preserving the integrity and vision of the creators.

External Links: Digital Gateways

YouTube Video

An alternate perspective of “Untitled” is offered through a YouTube video, providing a dynamic exploration of the mural in its urban context. This visual medium extends the reach of the artwork beyond the streets of São Paulo.

CHIVITZ’s Tumblr

CHIVITZ’s Tumblr serves as a digital portfolio, offering a curated collection of his graffiti works. This online presence serves as a virtual gallery, allowing enthusiasts to engage with CHIVITZ’s artistic evolution and contributions to the São Paulo street art scene.


“Untitled” by CHIVITZ stands as a living testament to the thriving and dynamic world of Brazilian graffiti. Born from collaborative efforts, this mural on Rua do Glicério encapsulates the essence of CHIVITZ’s artistic journey. As the artist continues to leave his mark on São Paulo’s urban canvas, “Untitled” remains a vibrant and evolving masterpiece, inviting viewers to decode the visual language of graffiti and embrace the cultural narratives embedded within its vibrant strokes.

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