The Artist: Mauro149

The Artist: Mauro149
The Artist: Mauro149

In the bustling streets of São Paulo, Brazil, Mauro149, born as Mauro Sergio Neri da Silva in 1981, made his mark on the city’s street art scene with his captivating creation simply titled “Untitled.” This graffiti piece, crafted in 2013, stands as a testament to Mauro149’s artistic talent and creative vision.

The Artist: Mauro149

Mauro Sergio Neri da Silva, a Brazilian native born in São Paulo, holds a degree in Visual Arts. His artistic journey expanded as he pursued studies at the Accademia of Fine Arts in Bologna, Italy, nurturing his skills and enhancing his understanding of artistry.

Location and Creation

“Untitled” emerged on Rua Gonçalo Afonso in São Paulo, Brazil, a location known for its vibrant street art culture. Mauro149’s artwork contributed to the rich tapestry of graffiti that adorns the city’s walls, showcasing his unique style and artistic expression.

Graffiti as an Art Form

Mauro149’s creation falls within the realm of graffiti, an art form that has evolved into a powerful means of expression and storytelling within urban environments. His work embodies the spirit of graffiti, blending elements of creativity, social commentary, and visual appeal.

Rights and Collaborations

The rights to Mauro149’s artwork “Untitled” are attributed to Mauro himself and Fran Parente, highlighting collaborative efforts and acknowledging the importance of artistic ownership and recognition within the street art community.

External Links and Further Information

For a deeper dive into Mauro149’s portfolio and additional insights into his artistic endeavors, his Flickr profile ( and the Arte Fora do Museu platform (!/obra/77) serve as valuable resources, providing a glimpse into his creative world and the stories behind his art.


Mauro149’s “Untitled” represents not only an artwork but a narrative woven into the fabric of São Paulo’s urban landscape. Through his graffiti, Mauro149 continues to contribute to the dialogue of artistic expression, inviting viewers to contemplate, interpret, and appreciate the fusion of creativity and social context embedded within street art.

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