Sonni: The Master of Colorful Character Art

Sonni: The Master of Colorful Character Art
Sonni: The Master of Colorful Character Art

Title: Untitled
Creators: Mondolila, Sonni
Creator Lifespan: 1900
Date: 2010/2014
Location Created: Godoy Cruz 901, Buenos Aires
Type: Digital Photograph

Sonni: The Master of Colorful Character Art

Artistic Signature

Sonni, a prominent figure in the Buenos Aires street art scene, is celebrated for his vibrant and friendly character art. His creations bring color and whimsy to urban landscapes, captivating viewers with a unique blend of creativity and approachability.

Mondolila: Channeling “Garbage Pail Kids”

Artistic Style

Mondolila, on the other hand, is recognized for characters reminiscent of “Garbage Pail Kids” — cartoon depictions that walk the fine line between disturbing and hilarious. His artistic style infuses a sense of whimsical chaos into the visual narrative, creating characters that linger in the viewer’s memory.

The Brilliant Collaboration

Date and Location

In the years 2010 to 2014, Sonni and Mondolila engaged in a brilliant collaboration that left its mark on Godoy Cruz 901, Buenos Aires. The collaboration, simply titled “Untitled,” brought together the distinctive worlds of Sonni and Mondolila in a collision of contrasting yet complementary artistic styles.

The Collision of Different Worlds

Artistic Diversity

“Untitled” witnessed the collision of Sonni’s colorful and friendly character art with Mondolila’s creations inspired by “Garbage Pail Kids.” The result was a mural that not only showcased the artistic diversity of the creators but also provided a visual feast for onlookers, inviting them to explore the two distinct worlds converging on the same canvas.

Digital Documentation

Type: Digital Photograph

The collaboration’s documentation comes in the form of a digital photograph. This medium allows the intricate details and nuances of Sonni and Mondolila’s collaborative effort to be preserved and shared, extending the impact of their creation beyond the physical walls of Godoy Cruz 901.


“Untitled” at Godoy Cruz 901 stands as a testament to the harmonious collision of Sonni and Mondolila’s artistic worlds. This collaboration not only brought color and whimsy to Buenos Aires but also demonstrated the power of street art to transcend individual styles and create something entirely new. The digital photograph serves as a lasting reminder of the ephemeral beauty created when two distinct artistic visions converge on a shared canvas.

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