Natureza Viva: A Nature-themed Overture

Natureza Viva: A Nature-themed Overture
Natureza Viva: A Nature-themed Overture

Title: untitled
Creators: Mosaik, Klit, Tamara Alves, José Carvalho, REGG, Violant, Kruella d’Enfer
Creator Lifespan: 1900/2014
Date: 2013/2013
Physical Location: Centro Comercial Allegro, Alfragide, Portugal
Location Created: Centro Comercial Allegro, Alfragide
Technique: Graffiti and Painting
Description: A nature theme represented by a huge beehive hanging on a tree branch with a firefly overlooking it. Below we can see an ant with its head sticking out between the leaves. A snail is slowly moving. Around these elements, there is a twirl of small leaves.
Type: Graffiti and Painting
Rights: © CML | DPC | José Vicente 2013
Medium: Wall

In the vibrant streets of Lisbon, a collaborative masterpiece emerged in 2013, transcending the conventional boundaries of art. The untitled creation, born from the collective genius of Mosaik, Klit, Tamara Alves, José Carvalho, REGG, Violant, and Kruella d’Enfer, echoes the legacy of these artists spanning from 1900 to 2014.

Natureza Viva: A Nature-themed Overture

The artistic symphony unfolded at Centro Comercial Allegro, Alfragide, as part of the “Natureza Viva” project by Galeria de Arte Urbana. The untitled masterpiece is a harmonious representation of nature. A colossal beehive dangles from a tree branch, accompanied by the gentle glow of a firefly. An inquisitive ant peeks out between the leaves, while a snail leisurely traverses the scene. The composition is enveloped by a mesmerizing swirl of petite leaves.

Graffiti and Painting: Techniques of Expression

The artists employed a fusion of graffiti and painting techniques to bring the vibrant panorama to life. The melding of these two forms of expression adds layers of depth and texture to the piece, creating a visual narrative that captivates passersby.

Physical Location: Centro Comercial Allegro

The mural finds its home at Centro Comercial Allegro, Alfragide, becoming an integral part of the urban landscape. Positioned in a commercial center, the artwork transcends its physical boundaries, extending an invitation to engage with nature amidst the hustle and bustle.

Rights and Recognition: A Testament to Artistic Excellence

The rights to this exceptional creation are documented and recognized, symbolizing the appreciation for the artistic endeavor. The artwork stands as a testament to the collaborative spirit and shared vision of its creators.

Medium: A Wall Transformed

The chosen medium for this masterpiece is the wall itself. The artists transformed a blank canvas into a living testament to the beauty of nature, illustrating the cyclical dance of life through the meticulous strokes of graffiti and paint.


The untitled mural created by Mosaik, Klit, Tamara Alves, José Carvalho, REGG, Violant, and Kruella d’Enfer in 2013 is not merely a work of art; it’s a celebration of nature’s grandeur, a collaborative testament to the enduring legacy of the creators, and a vibrant addition to Lisbon’s cultural mosaic. As it graces the walls of Centro Comercial Allegro, it invites all who pass by to pause, reflect, and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us.

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