The Artist: NASA

The Artist: NASA
The Artist: NASA

In the vibrant streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina, the enigmatic artist known as NASA presented an untitled piece between 2010 and 2014. This digital photograph stands as a testament to NASA’s creative vision within the realm of street art facilitated by graffitimundo.

The Artist: NASA

The identity of NASA remains somewhat mysterious, with limited information available about the artist. Known for his artistic contributions in Buenos Aires, NASA’s work often captures attention due to its innovative approach and unique visual style.

Location and Artistic Expression

The untitled piece by NASA emerged on Canard 1101 in Buenos Aires, adding a touch of creative expression to the city’s urban landscape. The digital photograph exemplifies NASA’s penchant for capturing moments or visuals that intrigue and engage the audience.

Type and Medium

The artwork, categorized as a digital photograph, signifies NASA’s versatility in utilizing various mediums to express artistic ideas. The choice of digital photography as a form of street art demonstrates the evolving nature of artistic expression within urban settings.

Collaboration with graffitimundo

NASA’s involvement with graffitimundo, an organization dedicated to promoting and documenting Buenos Aires’ street art, showcases the artist’s connection to a community fostering the growth and appreciation of street art culture.


NASA’s untitled digital photograph represents a glimpse into the artist’s world, providing a snapshot of creativity within Buenos Aires’ vibrant street art scene. While the details about the artist remain elusive, the artwork itself stands as a testament to NASA’s contribution to the diverse and ever-evolving tapestry of urban art in Argentina’s capital city.

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