Creators: Os Gemeos, Aryz

Creators: Os Gemeos, Aryz
Creators: Os Gemeos, Aryz

Creators: Os Gemeos, Aryz

The collaborative efforts of Os Gemeos, the iconic twins from Sao Paolo, and the esteemed Spanish artist Aryz resulted in a remarkable mural in 2012. This monumental creation was brought to life in Lodz, Poland, specifically located at ul. Roosevelta, 5, within the Urban Forms Gallery.

Artistic Legacy

Os Gemeos, recognized as significant figures in the street art realm, have left an indelible mark on the global art scene. Renowned for their vibrant and captivating artworks, the twins have evolved into leading modern art representatives in Brazil. Their works, ranging from paintings to sculptures and installations, grace prestigious art institutions worldwide.

Collaboration with Aryz

For this particular mural in Lodz, Os Gemeos joined forces with Aryz, a prominent artist hailing from Spain. Aryz, known for his distinctive style and artistic innovation, brought a unique perspective to the collaborative creation, blending his artistic prowess with the visionary approach of Os Gemeos.

Urban Forms Gallery Masterpiece

Located within the Urban Forms Gallery in Lodz, Poland, this mural showcases the harmonious blend of styles, techniques, and creative energies of Os Gemeos and Aryz. This masterpiece serves as a testament to their combined artistic brilliance and the transformative power of street art.


The collaborative mural crafted by Os Gemeos and Aryz in Lodz, Poland, stands as a testament to their profound impact on the street art landscape. Their unique styles and collaborative efforts have not only transformed urban spaces but also enriched the global art scene, solidifying their positions as trailblazers in the history of street art.

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