Graffiti Style and Diverse Expression

Graffiti Style and Diverse Expression
Graffiti Style and Diverse Expression

OS GEMEOS, an artistic duo consisting of identical twin brothers Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo, emerged as influential graffiti artists from São Paulo, Brazil, leaving an indelible mark on the city’s urban landscape since their debut in 1987. Their moniker, meaning “The Twins” in Portuguese, aptly represents their collaborative artistic identity.

Graffiti Style and Diverse Expression

Their oeuvre reflects a fusion of influences, combining elements from traditional hip-hop styles and the unique Brazilian pixação movement. Their works often showcase vibrant, yellow-skinned characters, inspired by a recurring yellow tint in the twins’ dreams. Despite this trademark feature, their creations encompass a diverse range, from intricate murals to symbolic tags.

Social Commentary and Cultural Depictions

OS GEMEOS’ art delves into multifaceted subjects, including intimate family portraits, poignant commentary on São Paulo’s socio-political milieu, and rich explorations of Brazilian folklore. Through their artistry, they become conduits for social reflection and commentary, navigating between the personal and the societal within their vibrant and captivating murals.

Influential Figures in Brazilian Graffiti

Over time, they emerged as key figures in Brazil’s graffiti scene, instrumental in shaping the country’s distinct artistic style. Their unique approach helped solidify São Paulo’s identity in the global graffiti landscape, making a profound impact on both local and international street art.

Mural in São Paulo

One of their notable creations, an untitled piece from 2013, graces the walls of 850 Rua do Lavapés in São Paulo, showcasing their signature style and diverse artistic range. This location stands as a testament to their indelible contribution to the city’s vibrant street art scene.

Immersive Experience and Documentation

Through external links and photo documentation by Eduardo Srur, their creations are preserved and celebrated, offering enthusiasts and art aficionados an immersive experience into the world of OS GEMEOS.


OS GEMEOS’ artistic journey from São Paulo’s streets to the global art scene stands as a testament to their unparalleled creativity, influential presence, and significant contributions to the world of street art, encapsulating diverse narratives within vibrant murals and enigmatic characters.

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