The Journey of Presto: An Artistic Odyssey

The Journey of Presto: An Artistic Odyssey
The Journey of Presto: An Artistic Odyssey

Title: Untitled
Creator: PRESTO
Creator Lifespan: 1975
Creator Nationality: Brazilian
Creator Gender: Male
Creator Birthplace: Brazil
Date Created: 2013
Location Created: Praça Paulo Kobayashi, São Paulo, Brasil
Painted: Praça Paulo Kobayashi, São Paulo, Brasil
More Info: Eduardo Saretta
Alternate Link: Watch Video
Type: Graffiti
Rights: Presto, Fran Parente
External Link: Flickr – Presto

The Journey of Presto: An Artistic Odyssey

Born in Brazil in 1975, Presto embarked on his artistic journey in 1996. Over the years, he has carved a niche for himself in São Paulo’s vibrant street art scene. Presto’s work is a testament to his vivid imagination, bringing to life fantastical figures and intricate calligraphy, often verging on the abstract.

The Imaginary Self: A Signature Style

Presto’s artistic identity is characterized by the development of an imaginary self. Through his creations, he unveils a world populated by fantastical beings and intricate calligraphic elements. This signature style sets him apart in the realm of graffiti, creating a unique visual language that captivates viewers.

Projeto Floresta Urbana: Nurturing Urban Greenery

As part of the Projeto Floresta Urbana, Presto’s work extends beyond the canvas of the streets. Praça Paulo Kobayashi in São Paulo becomes a living canvas for his artistic expression. The collaboration with this project not only adds aesthetic value but also contributes to the integration of urban greenery into the tapestry of São Paulo.

A Brush with Nove: Exploring Artistic Mediums

Presto’s creations come to life through the medium of Nove, showcasing his versatility and mastery over various artistic tools. The collaboration with this medium adds depth and dimension to his work, allowing for a nuanced exploration of form and texture.

Eduardo Saretta’s Influence: More Than Meets the Eye

In collaboration with Eduardo Saretta, Presto’s art gains an additional layer of depth. Saretta’s influence, whether in conceptualization or execution, adds a nuanced perspective to the graffiti scene in São Paulo.

A Visual Feast: Praça Paulo Kobayashi

The chosen location for Presto’s untitled masterpiece, Praça Paulo Kobayashi, becomes a visual feast for passersby. The streets of São Paulo, already renowned for their vibrant street art, find a new dimension through Presto’s contribution.

Multimedia Exploration: Video Insights

For a deeper understanding of Presto’s artistic process, a video offers insights into the creation of his untitled piece. This multimedia exploration allows viewers to witness the artist’s craft and the intricate details embedded in his work.

Presto’s Digital Portfolio: Flickr Showcase

Presto’s digital portfolio on Flickr, curated by Fran Parente, serves as a virtual gallery. Here, enthusiasts and art connoisseurs alike can explore a collection of Presto’s work, offering a glimpse into the evolution of his style and the diversity of his creations.


Presto’s untitled masterpiece in Praça Paulo Kobayashi stands as a testament to the fusion of imagination and urban expression. As São Paulo continues to be a canvas for innovative street art, artists like Presto contribute to the city’s dynamic artistic landscape, leaving an indelible mark for all to behold.

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