Exploring RAM’s Vision: A Tsunami in Glass

Exploring RAM’s Vision: A Tsunami in Glass
Exploring RAM’s Vision: A Tsunami in Glass

Creator: Ram
Creator Lifespan: 1900/2014
Date: 2013/2013
Physical Location: Parque das Nações, Lisboa, Portugal
Technique: Graffiti
Medium: Glass Recycle Container

Exploring RAM’s Vision: A Tsunami in Glass

Artistry Beyond Boundaries

  • Title: untitled
  • Date: 2013
  • Location Created: Parque das Nações, Lisboa, Portugal

The Maestro Behind the Art: RAM

A Legacy in Spray Paint

  • Creator Lifespan: 1900/2014

A Canvas Beyond Conventions

The Glass Recycle Container Chronicle

The canvas of choice for RAM’s “untitled” is not your conventional material; it’s a glass recycle container. Transformed through RAM’s peculiar spray technique, the artwork portrays a tsunami poised to engulf three delicate paper boats. The circular structure of the composition harmoniously aligns with the form of the container itself.

Navigating the Artistic Seas

Description and Technique

The intricacy of RAM’s technique, refined over the years, finds expression in this piece. The description unfolds a narrative of impending waves crashing onto the vulnerability of three paper boats. The circular configuration of the container is not just a canvas but an integral part of the narrative.

Projecting Vision Through “Reciclar o Olhar”

Part of a Larger Vision

This unique artwork is not an isolated creation but an integral part of the “Reciclar o Olhar” project, a testament to RAM’s commitment to transforming not just individual pieces but the very way we perceive art and the materials it interacts with.

Preserving the Legacy

Rights and Recognition

The visual symphony captured in the glass recycle container is a copyrighted creation, acknowledged and preserved under the rights of © CML | DPC | José Vicente 2013.

In Conclusion

RAM’s “untitled” is not just a graffiti piece on a glass surface; it’s a manifestation of creativity breaking conventional barriers, a poetic dance of spray paint on a unique canvas, and a narrative that transcends the boundaries of traditional street art.

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