Rodez’s Vision

Rodez’s Vision
Rodez’s Vision
  • Title: untitled
  • Creator: Rodez
  • Creator Lifespan: 1963
  • Creator Nationality: Colombian
  • Date: 2011-11-11 – 2011-11-11
  • Physical Location: Av Alvarez Thomas 1-99, Buenos Aires
  • Location Created: Av Alvarez Thomas 1-99, Buenos Aires
  • Type: Street Art

In the urban landscape of Buenos Aires, the Colombian street artist Rodez left an indelible mark during the “Meeting of Styles, One World, One People” festival in 2011. This particular mural, though untitled, represents a pivotal moment in the city’s street art scene.

Rodez’s Vision

Born in 1963, Rodez’s artistic prowess extends across borders. His contribution to the festival reflected his distinct style, merging cultural elements and artistic techniques, making him a renowned figure in the global street art community.

Meeting of Styles Festival

The “Meeting of Styles” festival has been a global platform for street artists to converge, exchange ideas, and paint murals that represent their unique artistic visions. Rodez’s creation during this event added depth and diversity to the festival’s vibrant atmosphere.

Av Alvarez Thomas: A Canvas Transformed

The mural created by Rodez, although unnamed, is a testimony to the artist’s ability to capture attention and convey a message through his art. Situated on Av Alvarez Thomas, this mural likely engaged passersby, inviting them to interpret its artistic significance.

Street Art Legacy

Rodez’s contribution to the Buenos Aires street art scene remains embedded in the fabric of the city’s cultural identity. The transient nature of street art allows for temporal experiences that connect people to urban spaces in unique and profound ways.


Rodez’s untitled mural in Buenos Aires, created during the Meeting of Styles festival, showcases the artist’s unique expression and mastery in the realm of street art. Through an amalgamation of cultural influences and artistic techniques, Rodez left an enduring mark in the urban landscape of Av Alvarez Thomas, contributing to the global conversation of street art.

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