Artists’ Collaboration

Artists’ Collaboration
Artists’ Collaboration

In 2011, the Meeting of Styles festival in Buenos Aires, Argentina, witnessed the collaborative work of street artists ROMA from Argentina and HIGHRAFF from Brazil. This joint effort resulted in an untitled mural that adorned the streets of Paraguay 4902-5000 in Buenos Aires.

Artists’ Collaboration

The mural created during the One World, One People edition of the Meeting of Styles festival was a joint venture between ROMA and HIGHRAFF, representing the artistic talents and cultural fusion of Argentina and Brazil.

Mural Creation

The specifics regarding the mural’s content or thematic elements remain untitled, reflecting the artists’ freedom and creative expression. However, within the framework of the festival, this artwork served as a testament to the collaborative spirit between two talented street artists, contributing to the vibrant street art scene in Buenos Aires.

Artistic Collaboration Location

The mural was brought to life on the walls of Paraguay 4902-5000 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, adding a touch of creative brilliance to the local landscape.

Artistic Style

As the details regarding the specific artistic style or content remain undisclosed, the mural likely encapsulated the individual artistic aesthetics of both ROMA and HIGHRAFF, merging their distinct styles to create a unified piece of street art.

Street Art Legacy

While the mural’s specific content or visual elements are not detailed, the collaborative effort between ROMA and HIGHRAFF remains a notable contribution to the street art culture of Buenos Aires, showcasing the fusion of artistic talents from different cultural backgrounds.

Please note: Specific details regarding the mural’s thematic elements or visual representation remain undisclosed, leaving room for interpretation and appreciation of the collaborative artistic expression by ROMA and HIGHRAFF in Buenos Aires during the Meeting of Styles festival in 2011.

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