Creator: Shoof

Creator: Shoof
Creator: Shoof

Creator: Shoof

Creator Nationality: Tunisian

Creator Gender: Male

Date: 2013

Location Created: 7 rue René Gosciny, 75013 Paris, France

Provenance: Galerie Itinerrance

Type: Spray, Marker & Stencil

Rights: Emmanuelle FMR

Shoof: Crafting a Visual Symphony on Parisian Streets

Introduction to Shoof’s Untitled Masterpiece

In the dynamic realm of street art, Shoof emerges as a luminary, leaving an indelible mark on the cityscape. The untitled creation, born in the crucible of Paris, is a testament to Shoof’s unparalleled talent and the fusion of spray, marker, and stencil.

The Artist Unveiled: Shoof’s Identity and Nationality

Shoof: A Master of the Streets

Hailing from Tunisia, Shoof is the artistic alter ego of a male creator whose identity is eclipsed by the larger-than-life persona painted across the streets of Paris. His work transcends borders, embodying a universal language that speaks to all who encounter it.

Chronicle of Creation: The Year 2013

Temporal Context

The untitled masterpiece took shape in the year 2013, a juncture in Shoof’s artistic journey where the streets of Paris became his canvas, and the city’s walls echoed with the rhythmic strokes of his creative expression.

Parisian Tapestry: 7 rue René Gosciny

Spatial Significance

The chosen location, 7 rue René Gosciny, 75013 Paris, France, is more than a mere backdrop; it’s a stage upon which Shoof orchestrates a visual symphony. Each stroke, spray, and stencil finds harmony within the urban tapestry of Paris.

Provenance and Artistic Legacy: Galerie Itinerrance

Galerie Itinerrance: Nurturing Creativity

The untitled artwork finds its roots in Galerie Itinerrance, a cradle of artistic innovation. Shoof’s collaboration with this esteemed gallery speaks to the recognition and support his art has garnered within the cultural milieu.

Medium of Expression: Spray, Marker & Stencil

Crafting Complexity Through Diversity

Shoof’s artistic arsenal comprises spray, marker, and stencil—a dynamic trifecta that infuses the untitled creation with depth, intricacy, and a multidimensional visual language that captivates the observer.

Rights and Recognition: Emmanuelle FMR

Guardianship of Creativity

The rights to Shoof’s untitled masterpiece rest with Emmanuelle FMR, a custodian of creative expression. This alignment underscores the significance of the artwork and the commitment to preserving its essence.

Image Source: Galerie Itinerrance

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