untitled slap
untitled slap

In the heart of Lisbon, Portugal, the enigmatic street artist Slap delivered a powerful message through the untitled graffiti piece created in 2012. Sponsored by Galeria de Arte Urbana, this work is not just art; it is a poignant protest against the brutal whale hunting practices carried out by some nations in the name of tradition. Slap’s piece, nestled on Rua das Murtas, encapsulates the artist’s passion for the sea and serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need to halt the senseless slaughter of marine mammals.

Slap: A Chronology of Creative Rebellion (1978-2014)

Slap, the creative force behind the untitled piece, graced the world with his artistic rebellion from 1978 to 2014. The brevity of his lifespan did not hinder the lasting impact of his work. Slap’s oeuvre reflects a deep connection with social issues and a commitment to using art as a medium for change.

Crafting untitled: A Visual Protest

The untitled piece on Rua das Murtas is a visual protest against the gruesome whale hunting industry. Slap SkTr, the artist’s pseudonym, cleverly integrates a black and white portrait of a woman, paying homage to the movie “Memoirs of a Geisha.” However, the red blood on her lips transforms the serene image into a powerful statement against the bloodshed caused by traditional whale hunting.

The “Rostos no Muro Azul” Project

Situated within the “Rostos no Muro Azul” project, the blue background of the graffiti piece symbolizes Slap’s origins and deep-rooted passion for the sea. The gradual disintegration of the SkTr graffiti, losing pixels against the blue backdrop, poignantly mirrors the slow fading of marine life due to relentless hunting.

Symbolism in Details: SKTR Crew, Geisha Lips, and Oriental Characters

Embedded within the mural are powerful symbols. The letters “SK” on the left and “TR” on the right represent the artist’s crew. Geisha lips painted as a whale symbolize the blood-stained consequence of tradition. Oriental characters, accompanied by the words “Kill Tradition,” make a bold statement against the continuation of destructive practices in the name of cultural heritage.

Blue Background: A Call for International Attention

The blue background, a signature of the “Faces in the Blue Wall” project, serves as a visual call for international attention. Slap’s mural, titled “Tradition Kills” in Japanese and English, urges a global audience to take notice and advocate for the prohibition of whale hunting before irreversible damage is done.

Facing Tradition: A Timeless Plea

“untitled” is not just a graffiti piece; it is a timeless plea from Slap to reconsider and confront traditions that lead to ecological devastation. The image of the weary Geisha, hair disheveled, lips bleeding, is a poignant reminder that tradition should never be a justification for the annihilation of life.

Legacy in Lisbon: Slap’s Echo Against Tradition

The untitled piece on Rua das Murtas stands as Slap’s echo against tradition, a legacy etched into the walls of Lisbon. This poignant work challenges viewers to reflect on the consequences of blindly adhering to cultural practices that harm the very essence of our shared planet.

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