10.13.09: Trixter’s Urban Canvas Unveiled

10 13 09


Title: 10.13.09

Creator: Trixter

Date: 2009-10-13

Physical Location: Long Island City

Location Created: Jackson Ave at Crane St Long Island City, NY 11101 United States

Exploring 10.13.09: A Dive into Trixter’s Street Art Realm

In the bustling streets of Long Island City, a momentous event unfolded on October 13, 2009, as Trixter, an enigmatic street artist, left an indelible mark on the urban canvas. The creation, aptly titled “10.13.09,” serves as a testament to Trixter’s mastery in transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary visual experiences.

The Maestro: Trixter’s Artistic Persona


Shrouded in anonymity, Trixter emerged as a prominent figure in the vibrant world of street art. The artist’s choice to conceal their identity adds an air of mystery to the work, allowing viewers to engage with the creation without the distraction of a known persona.

The Date and Location: Unveiling Urban Expression


On October 13, 2009, Trixter’s creative spirit came alive on the streets of Long Island City. This particular date marks a significant moment in the timeline of the artist’s contributions to the ever-evolving landscape of street art.


Situated at the intersection of Jackson Ave and Crane St in Long Island City, the artwork not only captures the essence of the local environment but also invites passersby to partake in a visual journey curated by Trixter’s distinctive style.

Conclusion: A Glimpse into Trixter’s Timeless Legacy

“10.13.09” stands as a testament to Trixter’s ability to transcend the ordinary, inviting the community to engage with art in unexpected places. As the echoes of that October day continue to resonate through the streets of Long Island City, Trixter’s legacy endures, reminding us that art, when woven into the fabric of urban life, becomes a shared experience for all.

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