Semor’s “4.16.13”: A Mural Testament in Long Island City

4 16 13 semor

The Artist: Semor

Semor, an enigmatic street artist, made a significant impact through the creation of “4.16.13.” Specific details about the artist remain obscure, but their artwork left an enduring mark within the vibrant street art scene of New York City.

The Artwork: “4.16.13”

Crafted on April 13, 2013, “4.16.13” emerged under the platform of Street Art NYC. The mural, attributed to Semor, became a poignant representation within the urban canvas, located at Jackson Ave at Crane St in Long Island City, New York.

Semor’s Graffiti at 5Pointz

The mural found its home amidst the iconic backdrop of 5Pointz, an erstwhile haven for graffiti art. Semor’s creation contributed to the kaleidoscope of artistic expressions within this celebrated site, encapsulating the spirit of creativity and urban culture.

Location and Impact

The physical placement of “4.16.13” in Long Island City underscores Semor’s intention to engage with the city’s urban landscape. The artwork’s presence within this bustling area of New York City adds to the visual and cultural richness of the neighborhood.

Legacy and Context

While specifics about the mural’s thematic elements are limited, Semor’s contribution to the artistic legacy of 5Pointz and Long Island City remains significant. The mural serves as a testament to the transient nature of street art and its ability to encapsulate moments in time.


Semor’s “4.16.13” epitomizes the evocative and ever-evolving nature of street art within the bustling streets of New York City. Despite the lack of detailed information about the artist and the mural’s thematic content, its existence within the iconic 5Pointz site stands as a testament to the artistic diversity and cultural significance of street art in the urban landscape of Long Island City.

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