Unveiling Demer’s Artistic Presence

4 28 13
  • Title: 4.28.13
  • Date: 2013-04-28
  • Location Created: Jackson Ave at Crane St, Long Island City, NY 11101, United States
  • Event: Street Art NYC
  • City: New York City, United States

Demer’s Graffiti at 5Pointz

In the bustling streets of New York City, particularly in Long Island City, an event known as Street Art NYC on April 28, 2013, unveiled a remarkable display of urban artistry. One of the standout features of this exhibition was the captivating graffiti created by the artist known as Demer.

Artistry in the Urban Landscape

Located specifically at Jackson Ave at Crane St, Demer’s work adorned the walls of the iconic 5Pointz, a renowned graffiti hotspot that served as a canvas for numerous artists. Demer’s contribution during this particular event showcased his distinctive style and creative prowess, drawing attention and admiration from visitors and art enthusiasts.

Vibrant Graffiti Art

While details about the specific artwork displayed by Demer during this event are not provided, it is well-known that Demer is recognized for his vibrant and skillfully executed graffiti pieces. His artistic expression often involves intricate designs, striking colors, and a unique visual language that captures the essence of street art.

Impact of Street Art NYC

The Street Art NYC event was a celebration of urban art culture, providing a platform for artists like Demer to exhibit their talent and contribute to the vibrant artistic landscape of New York City. The showcase at 5Pointz not only highlighted Demer’s work but also served as a testament to the city’s embrace of street art as a form of expression and cultural significance.


Demer’s participation in the Street Art NYC event on April 28, 2013, at 5Pointz stands as a testament to his artistic vision and contribution to the ever-evolving street art scene in New York City. His presence added depth and vibrancy to an event dedicated to celebrating the creativity and diversity of urban artistry.

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