eL Seed’s “5.09.13”: Street Art Commemoration in Long Island City

5 09 13 el seed

In the thriving streets of New York City’s Long Island City, eL Seed, a renowned street artist, left an indelible mark with his creation titled “5.09.13.” Crafted on May 9, 2013, this mural served as a commemoration within the vibrant street art scene of the city.

eL Seed: The Creative Visionary

eL Seed stands as the creative force behind “5.09.13.” Renowned for his unique blend of calligraphy and street art, eL Seed, a Tunisian-French artist, has made a significant impact with his visually captivating and thought-provoking works.

Long Island City’s Urban Canvas

The physical location of “5.09.13” in Long Island City provided the perfect canvas for eL Seed’s artistic expression. Known for its bustling streets and artistic vibrancy, this neighborhood became the backdrop for the artist’s creation.

Commemorating through Art

The mural “5.09.13” holds significance beyond its visual allure. The specific details or thematic elements embedded within the mural remain part of eL Seed’s artistic style, often incorporating cultural nuances and profound messages.

Artists in Motion: Meres, eL Seed, Jaye

In a unique moment captured alongside the mural, the artists Meres, eL Seed, and Jaye engaged in a breakdancing performance. This interaction added a dynamic and immersive dimension to the creation, fostering an environment of creativity and celebration.

Embracing Artistic Fusion

The collaboration between eL Seed and the breakdancing artists contributed to the fusion of art forms, blending street art with the energetic and expressive movements of breakdancing, creating an amalgamation of visual and performative artistry.


“5.09.13” by eL Seed represents not only a visually captivating mural but also a moment in time captured within the vibrant artistic landscape of Long Island City. The collaboration and fusion of art forms showcased in this creation reflect the dynamic spirit and creative energy that permeates through the streets of New York City.

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