Rokz’s Graffiti at 5Pointz: A Snapshot in New York City’s Street Art History

5 18 13 rokz

Unveiling Rokz’s 5.18.13 Graffiti

Rokz, an influential street artist, made an impactful contribution to New York City’s vibrant street art scene through his graffiti creation titled “5.18.13.” This mural emerged on Jackson Ave at Crane St in Long Island City, specifically at the iconic 5Pointz location.

Date and Location of the Mural

Executed on May 18, 2013, Rokz’s graffiti took form on the walls of 5Pointz, an esteemed location revered for its role as an outdoor graffiti museum. Situated at Jackson Ave and Crane St in Long Island City, the mural became a significant addition to the site’s rich tapestry of street art.

Rokz’s Artistic Expression

Rokz’s graffiti style often reflects his unique artistic expression, characterized by intricate designs, vibrant colors, and a distinct visual language. The “5.18.13” mural likely encapsulated Rokz’s signature style, adding another layer of creativity to the diverse collection of artworks at 5Pointz.

The Legacy of 5Pointz

As a renowned hub for street artists, 5Pointz served as a canvas for both local and international talents. Rokz’s contribution to this cultural landmark not only added to the site’s allure but also became a part of New York City’s rich street art heritage.

Impact and Significance

Rokz’s mural, albeit a snapshot in time, held significance within the ever-evolving landscape of street art in New York City. Its presence at 5Pointz contributed to the dialogue on urban art, fostering appreciation for the creativity and diversity within the street art community.


Rokz’s “5.18.13” graffiti at 5Pointz stands as a testament to the artist’s creative vision and his participation in the iconic site’s history. The mural’s existence within the vibrant streets of Long Island City, New York, further solidifies Rokz’s place among the esteemed artists who contributed to the cultural fabric of the city’s street art scene.

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