Topaz’s “5.29.13” Mural at 5Pointz

5 29 13 topaz

Creator Profile

  • Artist: Topaz
  • Date: May 29, 2013

The “5.29.13” Mural

Topaz, a notable street artist, created the mural titled “5.29.13” in 2013. This artwork became an integral part of the vibrant street art scene in New York City, specifically at the iconic location of 5Pointz.

Location of the Mural

The mural was positioned at Jackson Ave at Crane St in Long Island City, within the premises of 5Pointz, a renowned graffiti and street art space that served as a hub for urban artistry.

Topaz’s Contribution to 5Pointz

Topaz’s “5.29.13” mural contributed to the rich tapestry of art within 5Pointz, highlighting the artist’s unique style and vision. This location was celebrated for its ever-changing canvas of street art masterpieces.

Street Art NYC Project

The creation of “5.29.13” was part of the Street Art NYC project, underscoring Topaz’s involvement in the city’s street art movement, which aimed to showcase the diverse and evolving landscape of urban artistry in New York City.


Topaz’s “5.29.13” mural, located within the cultural hotspot of 5Pointz in Long Island City, is a testament to the artist’s talent and the dynamic nature of street art. As part of the Street Art NYC project, this mural contributed to the legacy of 5Pointz as a space that nurtured creativity and expression within the New York City street art scene.

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