Capturing the Rhythm: A Glimpse into the Streets

8 05 13 anonymous

Title: 8.05.13

Creator: Anonymous

Date: August 13, 2013

Location: Long Island City, New York City, United States

Event: Street Art NYC

Dancing Through the Streets: The Anonymous Lens


In the heart of Long Island City, New York City, an unassuming yet captivating moment unfolded on August 13, 2013. The lens of the anonymous street artist turned its focus not on walls adorned with paint but on a young breakdancer, adding a dynamic and human dimension to the vibrant street art scene.

The Essence of Anonymity

Anonymous: An elusive figure, the anonymous artist behind the lens chooses to let the art speak louder than the identity. The focus shifts from the creator to the subject, allowing the essence of the moment to take center stage.

Title: 8.05.13

The seemingly cryptic title, 8.05.13, serves as a timestamp, a portal through which viewers can step into the streets of Long Island City on that particular summer day. The anonymity of the creator invites observers to interpret and connect with the captured moment.

The Street as a Canvas

While traditional street art often adorns walls and facades, this piece takes a different approach. The canvas is the street itself, and the subject is not a mural but a young breakdancer, a living embodiment of urban culture and expression.

Location: Long Island City

The streets of Long Island City become both the stage and the gallery. In a neighborhood known for its evolving artistic landscape, this moment in time adds a unique chapter to the visual narrative of the city.

Street Art NYC

The inclusion of this image in the Street Art NYC collection connects it to a broader initiative. Street Art NYC serves as a platform for documenting and sharing the diverse expressions found on the streets of the city, transcending the boundaries of traditional art spaces.

Preserving Movement and Expression

Capturing a breakdancer in action not only freezes a moment of vitality but also immortalizes a form of expression deeply rooted in urban culture. The photograph becomes a testament to the rhythmic pulse that beats through the streets of New York City.


In the world of anonymous street art, where the focus is often on the murals and messages sprayed across walls, 8.05.13 offers a refreshing deviation. It reminds us that the streets themselves are a canvas, and within their dynamic embrace, the dance of self-expression continues, captured in a moment by an anonymous observer.

Note: 8.05.13, a snapshot of a young breakdancer in Long Island City, becomes a unique piece in the tapestry of street art. Through the lens of an anonymous creator, this article explores the nuances of this street-level expression captured on a summer day in 2013.

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