9.20.13: Virus No. 6 Crew’s Artistic Statement in Long Island City

9 20 13 virus no 6 crew

In the vibrant tapestry of New York City’s street art scene, the enigmatic collective known as Virus No. 6 Crew made a profound statement with their creation titled “9.20.13.” Situated in Long Island City, this piece marked a significant moment in the artistic expression of the crew.

Virus No. 6 Crew: The Creative Collective

The Virus No. 6 Crew, renowned for their distinctive artistic contributions, remained a collective of street artists whose identities often remained concealed, adding an air of mystery to their work. Their collaborative efforts blended various styles, reflecting a diverse array of perspectives and talents.

9.20.13: A Momentous Creation

Crafted on September 20, 2013, “9.20.13” emerged as a noteworthy piece within the Street Art NYC landscape. Located specifically at Jackson Ave at Crane St in Long Island City, the artwork showcased the crew’s artistic prowess and contributed to the eclectic visual narrative of the city.

Long Island City’s Canvas

The physical location of “9.20.13” in Long Island City served as an integral backdrop for the piece’s creation. The neighborhood’s industrial ambiance provided an intriguing canvas for the Virus No. 6 Crew to infuse their artistry, allowing the artwork to meld with the urban fabric of the area.

The Essence of “9.20.13”

Details regarding the specific thematic elements or message behind “9.20.13” remain veiled in mystery, in line with the crew’s penchant for anonymity. However, the piece’s presence invited onlookers to interpret its significance, fostering engagement and contemplation within the community.

Virus No. 6 Crew’s Legacy

While details about the individual artists within Virus No. 6 Crew and their intentions behind “9.20.13” might remain undisclosed, their impact within the street art scene endured. The crew’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of artistic expression continued to resonate within the urban landscape.


“9.20.13” by the Virus No. 6 Crew stood as a testament to the collective’s artistic ingenuity, leaving an indelible mark in Long Island City’s street art tapestry. Despite the anonymity shrouding the piece’s meaning, the artwork contributed to the vibrant dialogue surrounding street art in New York City, encapsulating the essence of artistic expression within public spaces.

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